BBC Devon: "Clearing Scylla Wreck Net Off Cornwall Could Cost £20,000"

Saw the news this morn, I was on the sister ship, F75 Cherry B (Charybdis), I wonder what happened to her - is she idling underwater gathering nets too ?
Cheers for that Sol.

Rather a long winded report to say a ship was 'lost' when they sank the blighter.
Hope she's gathering sea creatures too (I don't mean old salts either ;) )
I'll have a search of that site, after I retire completely, to see how many other ships they 'lost' there ?!?

I was in her first commission from Harland & Wolff Belfast, the nickname "Cherry B" was coined by one Seaman PO Herbie Lott.



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No wonder it is costing so much money. Rather than doing any work they are mallarkying around scaring fish by getting their todgers out: "...'we've had a bit of a 'Free Willy' moment."


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This whole saga is down to a lazy, irresponsible, spunk gobbling, Jan boy fisherman, who is too stupid to see all the pretty marks on his chart, or ignored his peers' advice not to lay his nets there. The tosser probably claimed for his 'lost' nets too.

Why are fishermen so stupid? Many moons ago they refused to buy transducers to fit on their nets so that when they were fishing in submarine exrcise areas, we could 'see/hear/ them. I hate fish and fishermen!!

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