BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC Today"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Re: BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC To

    Thanks for the update Soliel but I can't take much more of the SDSR. Every day it's just same old - same old.

    The deal is done its just at cabinet level now waiting to rubber stamped. I just wish they would hurry up and deliver the news it's driving me nuts.

    Hopefully the RN & RFA wont fair too badly, we live in hope.

    Cheers Shippers
  2. Re: BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC To

    Fair enough.

    Today's meeting is an actual concrete event, though, rather than mere press speculation.

    The news you are waiting for comes out on October 27th 2010, by the way.
  3. "Defence Minister Nick Harvey acknowledged the pace of the review was influenced by economic circumstances but said it was a "big picture" exercise that drew on debates that had been going on for some time".

    I think this is a reasonable comment to make and needs to be seen in the context of a lot of doom mongering by various journos, politicos and others who are expressing concerns over the speed of the review process this time round compared to 1998.

    It is not the same thing (IMHO) - the debate has been going on in a hundred different offices since 9/11 but at the same time, the lessons of 1982 have not been (completely) forgotten and the international threats and a score of worldwide incidents and flashpoint scenarios have helped shape arguments for and against certain cost cutting options.

    As far as I am concerned, roll on October 27th to put us all out of our misery and give us something to rebuild from (if that is the way it pans out).
  4. Re: BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC To

    Is October 27th absolutely concrete, then? Where's that been published?
  5. Re: BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC To

    SDSR is being coordinated by VCDS (an Army General) and the National Security Council has only one uniformed member (CDS), effectively the incoming Sir David Richards (another Army General who has already made his views known). It will also be affected by Lord Dannatt (yet another Army General) in his role as the adviser to the Conservative Party on defence.

    I'd say that the RN and the RAF are going to be well and truly stuffed!
  6. Re: BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC To

    Well when the next big push comes and the Army wants to deploy somewhere a bit inhospitable and without a secure port or airport handy then I hope someone remembers that Percy is part of the UK armed forces not the sole constituent!
  7. Re: BBC: "Defence Chiefs & Ministers To Debate SDSR @ NSC To

    Well that's why they are managers - so they can delegate this sort of niff naff and trivia to subordinates!
  8. Worrying that all the figures in key places involved in this SDSR are Army.

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