BBC: "Defence Chief: 'Huge Challenges' For UK Armed Forces"


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He has got to say morale is good, he is the boss after all. If he said morale is poor then the next question would be along the lines of "Well, as the top dog, what are you doing about it?"

If he blamed the politicians he would be on a special redundancy tranche toot-sweet!
Simple really, we don't attempt to punch above our weight and keep our noses out of other peoples business when it is no threat to us.

As for his comments on Afghanistan, time will tell.


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Morale not poor? So what explains the number of people that jumped at the chance of taking redundancy? The issue the forces have in retention?
I'm not sure it's all about morale, it's more about money, for the military it's probably the last chance to cut & run with a good lump sum, this course of action has been taking place over the last few years during privatization of the old nationalized industries & the downsizing of companies in general.

Quite a few of my much younger colleagues/friends took the money & took their skills to the RAN, they're having a great time with a great new quality of life

And with the expected problems in the UK/military over the next few years who can blame them? or anyone else for thinking on their feet as there is no employer compassion/loyalty today, military or civilian you're just a number on a balance sheet.
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