BBC: "Crew unhurt in Chinook Emergency"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Fortunate that the thing was not carrying Ground troops, That would have been nasty
  2. 1 less woker woker for the lads to ride in then. Glad to see they are already working on planning to replace it. Should only take a year or so.

    Glad nobody was hurt, but don't we have any heavy lift capability that could have recovered the A/C instead of destroying it?
  3. Emergency landing suggests to me it would just happen to be random land they had to touch down on. The only thing capable of lifting equipment as large would have to be a heli since the land is most likely inaccessible to other craft for purposes of access e.g (herc) or for transport with speed via land (e.g. By flat-bed or equiv) considering it may have came down from enemy fire and said anemones may be close by. Not to mention the area may well be miles from anything with the ability to transport anything other than troops and light equipment?

    I wouldn't volunteer to test-lift a chinook via chinook at any rate 8O
  4. [​IMG]

    Any MIL26 out there? 8O
  5. Yes, but they won't go and get our Down-birds.
  6. cocks.
  7. Destroying the Chinook was the only option.

    The physical logistics of recovery from bandit country would endanger so many grounds troops it would be an unacceptable risk.

    Firstly a secure cordon would have to be established. Then engineers to remove all the parts required to get the lifting attachments fitted.

    Then finally the lift. The site is now known to the bad guys and a patient RPG crew waits for an even bigger asset to be blown up.

    Nah - good call.
  8. They're not really cocks when you consider that one of their own helo's got shot down a couple of months ago in an opportunist attack...i think there is only one Mi-26 out there at the mo as well, not sure i'll tell you next week when i'm there.
  9. Totally agree...good call. Quick gash dit..... We ended up escorting our playmate after they'd taken a lot of small arms fire. It was 7 miles from the drop off to the safety of the FOB and 50/50 whether they were going to make it or not. Naval Strike Wing were inbound with a 1000lb'er ready to drop on the mighty King should it have to be ditched.

    The moral of the story is, as Waspie said, the Logistics of trying to recover a downed Helo is immense, actually no, its practically impossible should the down bird site be in the 'green zone' or in the vicinity of. The only option is to blown the thing up, obviously the bad thing there is, its one less helo in theatre.
  10. :roll: :roll: No way would i like to get airborne in a Wooka Wooka, even on flying pay. Would like just I main rotar head and 2 engines please :wink: :wink:
  11. There is only one, and it's certainly not their job to go and winch us out the shoite.
  12. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought the Mi26 out there (working for the UN) had been shot down as well.

    I suspect if they had to call in CAS to deny the airframe then the area was too hot to consider holding a cordon around and waiting for MASU et al to rock up.

    Like others have said a/c salvage operations take ages to get underway and need proper security.

    Just good that the aircrew got back ok, they are a damn sight harder to replace than the airframe.
  13. I just read that the lads took all the "good" kit off it and left ot, then when Johnny foreigner started to claim their piece of wokker wokker they let loose with the whosh bangs and offed a bunch of em, so apart from loosing 1 helo we came off ok on that one. :)

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