BBC censors Pogues Christmas Hit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. F**k them BBC Faggots!
    Here be the song…

    BBC 1 censors Pogues' Christmas hit
    18/12/2007 12:12

    LONDON (Reuters) - BBC Radio 1 programme has cut out the word "faggot" from an old Christmas hit in a move the mother of the song's late performer branded "ridiculous".

    In "Fairytale of New York", released 20 years ago by Irish band the Pogues and singer Kirsty MacColl, she sings "You scumbag, you maggot/You cheap lousy faggot" as her character argues with that sung by Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan.

    MacColl died in 2000 when she was killed by a speedboat off the coast of Mexico.

    The song is a perennial favourite around Christmas time, and is once again battling for the lucrative number one spot in the charts this year. It has also topped several Best Christmas Song polls.

    "Radio 1 are playing an edited version of the Fairytale of New York that does not include the world 'faggot' as this is a word that members of our audience would find offensive," the BBC said in a statement.
    A spokeswoman said the word was "faded down" on air, rather than bleeped out.

    But MacColl's mother Jean, speaking on the BBC Radio 5 Live programme, called the ban "too ridiculous".

    "These are a couple of characters," she said, referring to the characters in the song.

    "Today we have a lot of a gratuitous vulgarity and ... whatever from people all over which I think is quite unnecessary. These are characters and they speak like that."

    A spokeswoman for the band said they would be amused to hear about Radio 1's decision.

    "This song now goes with Christmas like the queen's speech and mince pies, and all of a sudden it's offensive," she said. "It strikes me as very odd and I'm sure the band will be very amused."

    (Reporting by Mike Collett-White; Editing by Steve Addison)
  2. well at least it may mean that this becomes the christmas No1.... better than the xfactor/come dancing/fame academy shite effort.

    there was a time when the christmas No1 was a christmas song.

    venting of the spleen complete
  3. Yeah, WTF are radio 1 doing - even radio 2 were taking the p!ss out of them this morning and played the original version
  4. That's what I don't understand. The BBC decided Radio 1 had to edit the song yet it's sister station Radio 2 didn't?

    Bunch palony
  5. Radio 1 is pants anyway and I never listen to it anymore.
  6. I cannot understand why they have censored it. It's just a word after all, there's a difference between the way the word is used in the song and it being prefixed with "I'm going to kick your [email protected] head in, [email protected]". Now then I might take exception to it.... :thumright:
  7. Went to my daughters concert last Tuesday evening.

    One of the songs the "older" kids done was this one.

    Having two 15 year olds, one male one female, singing that song was great.

    The venom in their voices when "arguing" was superb.

    I reckon its fat boy Moyles attempting to get the song to number 1. Remember what happened when they banned Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood?
  8. Ratings perhaps flagging a little?
  9. i carnt stand the fat git, but i hope he does manage this... as i said before better then having the xfactor wanabes getting No1
  10. Good thing the BBC don't advertise then


    because this lot would be buggered!
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I hope it's just subversive propaganda and they're trying to raise the profile of the Pogues' record in order to get more people to buy it and make it Xmas number 1, rather than some sh!te X Factor manufactured track... :roll:
  12. Only on Radio 1 - if it was on Radio 2 it would be fine. mind it would run the risk of Terry Wogan eating them!
  13. 'er indoors has just informed me that "auntie" has rescinded it's ban.

    Keep Striving
  14. Nice to know that Auntie hasn't become totally senile. Funny; as individuals, I dislike the Pogues intensely but I do enjoy their music.
  15. I'm offended by Eastenders cos it's bloody awful - can I get that banned too?
  16. Just think - if that lot on Eastenders move next door - how long would it be before your house got destroyed by an aircrash and the local taxi driver runs over your dog. Mind the local undertaker would be pleased - nobody on that program has a life expectancy of more than a year or two!
  17. Holly Johnson was on the radio the other day, dripping about the use of the word 'faggot' in the song and how he found it offensive. He also dripped that the word 'gay' is now being used by kids to mean 'rubbish' and how he also found that offensive. The word 'gay' was perfectly well defined as 'happy' before homosexuals changed its meaning, so what right has he to fcuking drip because it's changed again? Cnut! I hope his next shit's a hedgehog.
  18. Remember Who they supported.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah, I saw them support The Clash at Brixton Fridge in 1983... :wink:

    Hmm, unless you were making a not-so subtle allusion to a spurious rumour that The Pogues supported Irish Republican movement? Well, hardly difficult to make the assumption, considering that the majority of the band are from, or have family history with the Republic of Ireland!

    But let the great man himself let you know how he feels about it, in a quote from a "Melody Maker" interview (circa 1985):

    So by your rationale, does anyone who buys a Pogues record support the IRA? Or what would you say to me, as someone who has served in the RN for 21 years but was born in Co. Cork and whose ancestors have been supporters and activists of the Republican movement for generations?

    I am proud of my history, proud of my country's musical heritage and culture, but also proud of my Service.

    Being Irish does not mean "anti-British"!


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