BBC: "Cash, cutbacks and Britain's place in the world"

Naval_Gazer said:
BBC News: Rear Admiral Chris Parry discusses defence Green Paper

It's a shame that the Army and RAF are shown 'doing their thing' while coverage of the RN is limited to some aerial shots of mostly decommissioned ships in harbour.
Like last night on both Newsnight and the main news broadcast on the BBC, they were wandering around Chatham dockyard talking as if they were in a fully working Naval base.

Surely a trip from London down to Pompey to film their piece to camera wouldn't have been too hard!
Probably my fault P-O-L for creating separate threads for individual articles.

Having said that, quite often, if a reputable broadsheet, say the Times, FT or Telegraph, tackles a subject of immediate interest, there is often sufficient substance in that one article to warrant a thread of its own, even if the subject is being covered in another thread.
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