BBC: "British Armed Forces Tests 'Blast Pants' For Troops"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Pretty sure there was a thread on here about these a while back. And a few had stated the point that they wouldnt work, given they did not have a plate in them ?

    Will be interesting to see if the MOD put them into service.
  2. I know we did, Trig, I just couldn't find it earlier on! Blonde moment ......

    I'm sure that someone will, though; I'll tack this BBC article on to it then and get this thread deleted.
  3. I spent a minute looking for it, Obviously not only you thats having the blonde moments :oops: ;)
  4. Re: BBC: "British Armed Forces Tests 'Blast Pants' For Troop

    Wouldn't stop larger fragments but anything that would stop a boot eyelet or smaller piece ripping off your knackers is worth wearing.

    The US style cock flaps which had a plate in them were talked about on Herrick 9, but most said they wouldn't bother due to mobility issues.

    I find tucking it between my legs and shouting "Fuck off" when faced with the enemy works fine.
  5. Re: BBC: "British Armed Forces Tests 'Blast Pants' For Troop

    Could this work ?

  6. Re: BBC: "British Armed Forces Tests 'Blast Pants' For Troop

    Having just watched that footage I have to say that it is criminal to pass that off as anything near representative of a ballistic test.

    If you suspend a single sheet of densely woven silk by it's top edge (couple of feet square for example), and fired a .22 round in to it (which that was on the footage linked above) the silk would catch the bullet. The silk is sufficiently resilient to capture the round without ripping, and the fact it is only suspended from the top ensures that the silk can 'collect' the round and slow it to a gently stop. *

    The material behind the underwear is set back a good distance so that the ENORMOUS trauma does not leave a witness mark of the backface signature.

    * This experiment does act as a very useful excuse for all you booties being caught wearing women's knickers though. Every cloud etc.

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