BBC Breakfast - Saturday 9 July 2011 - 705 Naval Air Squadron - DHFS - RAF Shawbury


War Hero
The magic word Shawbury, jumped out at me and caused a few wry smiles. As part of 5/65 AH2 course( who caused quite a lot of action) I have fond memories of that place as I am sure many others do too.


Lantern Swinger
As already said Shawbury, was there on 2, course june 68. The Airman,s club sold Scrumpy The waaf,s were very freindly. The crabs did not no how to control us when not on course. The pussers liasion ossifer L/Cdr port wine (I kid you not the was his name, was always coming into the classrooms moanig that the crab O/C was always giving him hell about sailors running riot on his establishment and local hostalries. How me and my mate jed hoare (sadly decased) got joint third ill never no. Happy days.


Many moons ago I shot over 2000 rabbits off that place. Epic.


Shawbury is ****. It's only saving grace is the SR's mess. I hope it explodes.

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