BBC - Behind The Lines - The Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre

Also from the BBC's new BBC Four Army Collection is a series from 1985 called 'Behind The Lines' about the Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre.

The BBC says:

"The Royal Marines are part of the Navy. This series graphically portrays the diverse field of operations that Britain's armed forces can find themselves in and the breadth of training required to meet those needs. In this case it's arctic warfare and high altitude training for specialist teams - it's tough, it's arduous, and it's cold!"

You can see clips from the series here:

BBC - Behind the Lines - Clips

The first three episodes in the series can be viewed in full here:

BBC - Behind the Lines - Episode guide
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About time too, I remember watching this years ago it is undoubtedly one of the best troops-in-training documentaries I have seen.

The nutter with the cat hat and the brawl when they get off the helicopter at the end are exceptionally funny.
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