BBC: BAE wins £127m contract to design Navy warship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by K640, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Pretty sure she has been gone for some time :?
  2. I sincerely hope so since IIRC she was used as a target some time in 2004!
  3. Which does rather call into question whether the BBC believes that the new "combat ship" is intended to be built for specific use as a target :wink:
  4. If you could guarantee one class of ship will definitely be built I'd be very happy 8O

    Still, looking at those artist impressions, and without going into all sorts of mitigating SOP stuff on an open forum, you'd have to want 3 phalanx surely, otherwise the aft one's got a hell of a blind arc....
  5. Would seem likely and logical, I hate to link to a Wikipedia article but this page on the Future Surface Combatant provides some interesting suggestions for potential developments.

    There is mention of a "C2 vessel", indeed quite a few of them, in that article. Smaller than a Frigate but not as small as our current Offshore Patrol Vessels... is a totally new class of ship seemingly in addition to what we have now really likely in the medium term future?
  6. Mod seems to be sneaking in the extra A's. personally i thought we'd be lucky to get 4..
  7. Mod seems to be sneaking in the extra A's. personally i thought we'd be lucky to get 4..
  8. I wouldn't get too excited chaps. Anything signed for now is fairly academic until after the next election.

    If I were a cynic, I'd suggest that this is Labour attempting to position itself nicely prior to the election so that it can rebut any claims of Defence underfunding or lack of support for jobs. Note the current contracts for T26 (and the new GD FRES variant to replace CVR(T) last week) are for assessment and preliminary design work only.

    This commits them to little. However, if the Conservatives get in and cancel it, Labour can claim it's the Tories who're soft on Defence and not supporting UK industry.

  9. There is reason to celebrate this - the FSC project has been trying to get past Initial Gate and into Assessment Phase for over 10 years, (three attempts taht I can think of) so actually signing a contract and getting that level of money is well worth drinking to. It's also inextricably linked to the BAE Surface Ships TOBA as well (ie if MoD didn't fund it, they'd have to cough for the hundreds that BAE would make redundant) so makes sense(ish).

    For P2000 & Lone Star, the plan such as it is is to replace the T23s that have Sonar 2087 with the C1 "Combat ship", while the other T23s and T22 would be replaced by a C2 (more general purpose frigate), still of comparable size. The Tupperwares, OPVs and droggies would be replaced by a "common hull" C3 ship with variable mission packages - apparently.......

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