BBC: "Ark Royal Crew Salutes HM The Queen in Canada"

Seaweed said:
Google 'Queen Canadian Navy' - lots there about HM at the (once Royal) Canadian navy in Halifax, man and cheer ship etc. including
Thank you, Seaweed, good link!

I had to look twice at the aircraft behind the crew in this pic; they're actually some of the USMC MAG-14's AV-8B Harriers which have been embarked on HMS Ark Royal for the purposes of Auriga.
It all looks very Joint; almost to the point of looking like a rag bag. Pehaps it would have looked smarter if the Naval Party had been all together (say, fore and aft) with the Air Force Party similarly all together (say, midships). That, of course, would make the light blues waisters so, maybe they could have formed by their flying machines to avoid that.

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