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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Gombear, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone else think that there are some at the BBC who are routinely trying to undermine our armed forces and their role in Afghanistan, or is it just me?

    Compare the links below; one BBC the other Sky News:

    As far as I can see, only the BBC slyly uses the word “defeatâ€.
  2. I disagree with yor analysis of these articles. The BBC does not in this case use the word defeat "slyly", IMO they quite correctly assess that the Taliban will use the British withdrawal as a defeat for propaganda or morale purposes. You miss the point made in the Sky artivle which states "There is likely to be a mixed response to news of the handover - relief that such a deadly burden has been passed on... " which could be taken to indicate that the British can't wait to get out of the district because they can't handle it; and of course they are making this point themselves and not suggesting it is what the enemy will think. 2 equally innocuos article.

  3. I believe that Hitler re-deployed his troops out of France and back into Germany. Make out of that as you see fit.

    This news will not sit well with ethnic Pakistani and Indian voters in the UK whose extended families are still in the mother country. After all, possibly the main reason why the West has an interest in Afghanistan is to secure the gas\oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea area down to Pakistan and India.

    The construction of this pipeline is of financial interest to many backers including London Banks and UK PLC.

    Politics is a dirty game.
  4. I think you may find that skynews has Rupert Murdoch's News International corporation and his own self interest at hart,when disseminating the news through his many revolting organs.So I would take the former before the latter thank you very much. :wink:
  5. I thought I'd resurrect this thread to point out that the Taliban have today stated that they started Operation "Victory" (the first result is the death of the 3 RGR soldier at the hands of a "planted" soldier) as a direct result of the announcment to withdraw which they view "as a victory". Source Sky News (ironically perhaps).

  6. The best response to the victory statement is to loudly lambast them as cowards. They proclaim to be holy warriors but they are happy to hide amongst the "enemy" and shoot them whilst they are asleep in their beds. That is not the action of a warrior, but that of a coward and a weasel. This message needs to be loud, strong and sustained.
  7. Many of the Guerrilla/resistance fighters of the past have used similar tactics to deal with invading armies.Are they all to be tagged cowards and weasels too. :?:
  8. Yes, anyone that shoots a man in their sleep is a coward regardless of whether it's done in a just cause.
  9. An interesting position given that large parts of my training/exercises were predicated on killing the enemy before he knew I was there or better still whilst he was asleep!!


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