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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 4to8, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. The BBC are showing a video of an ambush on an Israeli patrol in which a squaddie and his mates are blown up.Should they be allowed to show this stuff? What if it was CNN showing some of our lads getting blown up in Iraq or Afwanistan ? Giving comfort to the enemy?
    Its on their s**tb*g website but I wont grace it by posting a link
  2. If it's on their website then are the BBC actually showing it on prime-time TV?? If so i suppose it would be the same as watching US/UK and allied forces in the sandy places getting blown up, wounded etc on Youtube.

    Personally i don't think anything of this nature should be graphically shown but then again i don't agree with Israel bombing the crap out of a glorified refugee camp either.

    Just a thought
  3. The BBC are cnuts and they love all things miserable. They would have all been sat round the editing suite [email protected] themselves into a frenzy when they saw that footage. They love a bit of violence and grief.

    I also liked their "Refusal" to show the Gaza charity appeal, only to promptly show a 5 second clip with the appeal phone number clearly visible at the bottom.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Any clips anywhere of BBC journos getting topped? :twisted:

    Purely in the interest of impartiality.........
  5. I fully agree that the death or injury to our forces should not be trivialised, we are looking at real men here not bloody Steven Segal or the little runty guy so its a disgrace to show twatmade videos.

    As for Israel-Palestine, if that piece of film is not showing a full blown breach of the ceasefire then I will go sleep with Thingy. Maybe the place is a refugee camp but Butlins were never like that in my day.
  6. Didn't see you complaining whilst the Beeb were showing film of kids being blown up by the Iraelis who were bombing hell out of the UN and civilians.
  7. Nor will you ever. I Hamas wants to hide amongst womem and kids or behind the skirts of the UN then that comes under the heading of self inflicted.
  8. I'm sure the average family in Gaza doesn't get a say as to whether Hamas fighters get to come into their houses and shoot at Israeli forces. The big issue here is that hundreds of kids died during this last episode and in my book that isn't justified.
  9. So are you saying that Israel should roll over and not shoot back?
  10. Of course not. But there is such a thing as moderation and bombing the crap out of the UN building when they have the GPS coordinates doesn't exactly put them in a good light. Also.....It wont be long before the full extent of the atrocities caused during this episode comes to light. Bottom line is 2 wrongs dont make a right and the kids always suffer as a consequence!!
  11. Perhaps if they allowed food and humanitarian supplies into Gaza and stopped sending in their death squads Hamas would keep to the truce.

    Add to that the admission that their troops did comit war crimes and thus need to be protected by the state does not really make the Israeli position quite as innocent as their spin doctors would like you to believe.

    Both sides are as evil as each other and the sooner the world knock both their heads together the better.
  12. You might be able to help me here Maxi but i'm sure the water and electricity supply is controlled by Israel also so when it suits them they just switch it all off!! great fun and its enough for the average bod to pick up a weopon and start fighting.

    Banging heads together is what is definately needed and follows on from the comment about 2 wrongs not making a right
  13. Thats what was happening when Hamas blew up the jeep. But watch out for another photo op from Hizzbollox,they have been too quiet of late and must be getting pissed off with all the footage hamas are getting. Question is, will they use their wimmin or kids for maximum effect ??
  14. Israel has been strictly controlling the food and energy supplies into Gaza since long before the latest HAMAS offensive to ensure the Gaza population is always just on the brink of total collapse. As for Hamas hining behind kids, that does not explain the deliberate targeting od UN facilities when no Hamas fighters were present, and Israel has apparently admitted this to the UN. Why do you think the state is trying tpo protect Israeli military officers from war crime prosecutions.

    The state fo Israel was born out of terror, and has continued to terrorise those around it since. The sate of Israel is the best example of state terror in the world.
  15. And Iran is kindness and love personified.
  16. Are we on about Iran now then?? I would say not when evidence has emerged that bomb making equipment has been coming out of that country that has killed allied troops.
    However bad they are do you want to follow the US into another country to fight the bad guys and spread "democracy"?? No?? i didnt think so.

    Anyway whilst we're fighting our own battles it deflects the attention away from the real issue of sorting out Israel.
  17. Almost by comparison, not that I in any way condone their terroist activities nor their attempts to make the bomb. You must not take distaste for the actions of Israel, a state no right minded person could support, certainly in their treatment of the Palestinians, for support for the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria or Iran.

    Israels real problem isd it reaps what it sows, the Zionist proved to the Arabs that terror worked, the rest regretably is history. Until the cycle of violence is broken there will be no peace, and as things stand I see no hope of that cycle being broken.
  18. I think someone on ARRSE drew attention to this article in the Spectator but it's worth repeating here.
  19. The Spectator article is excellent.

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