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Sent: 31 March 2008 22:08
To: NewsOnline Errors
Subject: Feedback [NewsWatch]
Country: England

COMMENTS: Why do you always report Royal Marines as soldiers?

Royal Marines are part of the Royal Navy, not the Army, and are no more
soldiers than you or I.

Royal Marines dislike being called soldiers and always make a point of
correcting people. This inaccuracy is particularly offensive when
reporting the deaths of Royal Marines.

The MOD press release does not call them soldiers, so why does the BBC?

A similar mistake is made whenever a Royal Navy helicopter makes the
news, a sea rescue for example or the Ten Tors lift. Its nearly always
reported as something the RAF are doing.

I expect others to get this wrong, but not the BBC.

Dear Mr ****,
Thank you for your e-mail of 31 March.
We do not call marines soldiers and usually refer to them as marines.
However, on this occasion the decision was taken to refer to the men as
soldiers because the Ministry of Defence statement referred to them as
such - implying they could be soldiers on attachment with the marines.
However now they have now been named as Marines we are reporting them
as such:
Thank you again for contacting us.


Pat Heery,
UK Editor,
BBC News Interactive
It wasn't just the Beeb. Meridian ITV reported the Royals as belonging to 'Four Commando' on last night's news and even the sainted Debbie Thrower described them today as 'two soldiers from Dorset'.

More importantly, RIP to both those killed and my deepest sympathy towards their families, comrades and friends.
From attending some of the families briefings at Norton Manor over the last 5 months I know the steps taken to inform the families before the news is released to the media. It still did not make it any easier hearing the news at 0700 on Monday morning and knowing that my son was not involved as no one had been knocking on our door but 2 families had lost thier loved ones, RIP to the lads and my thought's are with the families.


Lantern Swinger
My reaction was similar to yours, but the BBC is right the MOD did describe them as soldiers on it's own website, so they were arguably right to report as they did.
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