BBC 3 Our War in Afghanistan series

BBC3 2100 Tonight.

It’s easy to see why the Ministry of Defence was nervous when the BBC asked if the military wouldn’t mind handing over thousands of hours of unedited footage shot by soldiers themselves in Afghanistan.
The footage, all captured by different soldiers’ helmet cameras, is as raw and unflinching as any yet seen from the nearly-decade old conflict.

Worthy of a watch but why on BBC 3 the so-called "Yoof" channel surely it is something that should be on BBC1 or BBC2.To be fair it has been well trailed on the mainstream channels but nevertheless it still gives the appearance of being tucked away.
Did anyone watch this last night? It paints a graphic picture of what's happening in Afghan on a daily basis and it portrayed the reality of war to the non military types amonst us. Its on again next week and highly worth watching for those that could end up in that shit hole of a country.

Its on BBC I player for anyone that missed it.

Thoughts anyone?
I watched it last night.An incredible insight into what must be a thankless job.The war in Afghanistan is clearly taking a terrible toll on the guys on the frontline there both in terms of fatalities and longterm mental problems.

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