BBC 1: 'Marine A - Criminal Or Casualty Of War' - 22:25 - Wednesday, April 9th 2014

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"The case of Alexander Blackman, the former Royal Marine sergeant convicted for shooting an injured Afghan insurgent on the frontline. As the first British serviceman to be found guilty of murder during combat since the Second World War launches an appeal, film-maker Chris Terrill asks questions about the ethics of combat and rules of engagement during war, and talks to Blackman's wife Claire. He also speaks to those who condemn his actions, and others who condone them."

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Wife of Sergeant Alexander Blackman - the marine jailed for battlefield execution - wants civilian retrial - Crime - UK - The Independent
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I have a little sympathy with the RM in some respects, but what an UTTER PILLOCK for allowing it to be filmed.

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Blackman's case may be considered subjudice again and therefore not the stuff of open forum. It will - as demonstrated by two of the posts so far - attract ill informed, divisive, ranty and bone posts that could damage Blackman, the Corps and the wider Naval Service. Lazy journalists may well drop by for a free quote.

That said, I'm not going to lock, delete or cull it yet, I'd rather the more excitable members - often the least informed - of Rum Ration just STFU until the appeal has run its course. If another Mod decides that's not enough, I'm good with that too.
Speaking the truth will not hurt the case of the RM in question be it under judicial consideration or not.

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One other thing for you to consider Seadog is the following:-
A dead terrorist can't ...
A. Kill anymore soldiers of any nationality ...
B. Grow anymore plants to manufacture drugs ...
C. Shoot anymore schoolgirls in the head for wanting an education.

The list of reasons are endless.

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He obviously has a right to appeal like everyone else. But justice has run its course and to me it looks unlikely anything is going to change the sentence.
At the end of the day he was on camera shooting someone on the floor and then making a remark afterwords admitting that he knew he had broken the law. He needs to call OJ Simpsons lawyer to have a hope in hell.
He wouldn't be banging in for an appeal if his legal team didn't think there was a chance of it being successful (at least in part).

I will make no comment on the rights or wrongs of his actions (and whether there was any moral or other mitigation) the case will stand or fall on legal argument and it is not helpful to fuel media debate on this forum
well if your only going to allow pro- and cull anything else it should be locked and binned.

and is everyone carrying a gun in afghanistan taliban or does the fact the country is a lawless turd hole have anything to do with it ?and these men were of course once known as mujahadeen! and what happened to our friends the Northern Alliance?

and is it wrong that many Afghans just do not not want foreigners there? wibble
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Major General Ed Davis kindly requests that people stop posting arse on this subject. Although he didn't say those exact words (well, not outside his office), that's what he meant.

So stop it.
Not intending perpetuating the debate as I fully agree with MLP's comment.

Just to say that the programme was, in my opinion: thought provoking, intelligent, balanced, disturbing, sad, compelling and one of the best (for want of a better word) pieces of television documentary I have seen for a very long time.

Might start paying my licence if it carries on like this.
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