Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stimps, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Just heard an announcement on heart fm for this BBAB
    Had to have a look and didn't know there was so many responsibilities involved with the humble biccie 8O
    everyone needs to knows about the risks involved

    BTW. what is biscuit misuse meant to be?

    The British Biscuit Advisory Board, (BBAB), is dedicated to educating the public about responsible biscuit choices.
    As the voice of biscuits, we aim to create a safer and more enjoyable biscuit experience for everybody.
    Using a range of media such as posters, radio and TV, we dispel myths and present honest facts, and our work doesn't stop there.
    We also find innovative ways to prevent some of the 513* cases of biscuit misuse each year in the UK.
    Together we can all enjoy snacking.
  2. For goodness sake! I would have thought biscuit abuse was self explanatory - why, oh why, do people dunk digestives in tea for example? Digestives are NOT dunkers, they lack the structural integrity of PROPER dunkers such as Ginger nuts or even the rather dull Rich Tea biscuit.

    It is long past time for these abuses to be brought to public attention - well done the BBAB for taking the initiative.
  3. sorry you are wrong - it's not the biscwit structure, I believe that it lack of education. Kids are spending too much time on Xboxes and not enough on training. Those with proper training and with the skill of exact timing have no problem dunking a digestive. The real old timers who have been dunking for years can even dunk Rich tea without a problem. Gingers are the first stage and for amateurs.
  4. Biscuits are dangerous and have the ability to kill or even maim. My dear departed Great Aunt on my mothers side, once removed, was killed by a runaway lorry which was hauling six thousand cases of Bath Oliver biscuits.
    Doubless to say it was her own fault, if she had only had her teapot with her she could have deadened the impact. :wink:
  5. Anyone who has seen a toddler loading a digestive into the disc slot on a CD or DVD player will confirm that it is definitely biccy abuse.The unsuspecting biccy is reduced to crumbs and enters the drive mechanism of the said machines thereby denying them a proper end.All power to the BBAB I say.
  6. Is there also a government quango for the abuse of biscuits? RSPCB.? :wink:
  7. Anyone remember the tins of biscuits that pusser used to use in compo rations? They were so hard that I remember some being thrown off the back of a 3 tonner and bouncing several times without breaking.
    Now can some mathematician please discover the formula for time required to dunk said biscuits in mug of pussers standard tea before they become digestible?
  8. I believe it was a minimum of 3days hence their popularity in the soggy biscuit game
  9. they're not supposed to become digestible are they? they were probably made to be waterproof so they don't become soggy if they get damp :lol:

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