BB8 - All female!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Well, guys n dolls, that annoying time of year has come with another addition of Big Brother, the 8th series……………bored already? I can tell!

    This is the first time that the house is female only, well for now! So lads, have you’re ears pricked up yet? Lesbo romps, b*tch fights, shower scenes, legs being shaved!

    You can just see it now……….Davina, up the duff by week 4, wacking the ladies with her over sized microphone!



    NAME: Sam and Amanda

    AGE: 18

    OCCUPATION: Students

    Sam and Amanda are the first set of twins to enter the house. They have their own "Twin Song" which they use to introduce themselves to boys.


    NAME: Lesley

    AGE: 60

    OCCUPATION: Retired head-hunter

    Lesley is a member of the Women's Institute and believes there is a "strong possibility" she will win the show.



    AGE: 21

    OCCUPATION: Unemployed

    Charley is the cousin of Manchester United star Kieran Richardson and is a former lap dancer.

    She rates herself 10 out of 10 for attractiveness and ruthlessness.



    NAME: Tracey

    AGE: 36

    OCCUPATION: Cleaner

    Tracey is a self-styled hippy raver from a small village in Cambridgeshire.



    NAME: Chanelle

    AGE: 19

    OCCUPATION: Student

    Chanelle is obsessed with Victoria Beckham and wants to follow her idol by moving to Madrid and then LA.





    OCCUPATION: Temporary receptionist

    Shabnam lives at home with her mother, who she gets on with like a sister.



    NAME: Emily

    AGE: 19


    Emily is a Tory voter, considers herself right-wing and lists benefit cheats among her pet hates. She also says she gives herself 10 out of 10 for intelligence and says: "I don't do losing. I win".



    NAME: Laura

    AGE: 23


    Friends say she reminds them of the Little Britain character Vicky Pollard and also that she looks like Peter Kay.



    NAME: Nicky

    AGE: 27

    OCCUPATION: Accounts executive in a bank

    Nicky was born in Mumbai, India, and adopted from a Mother Teresa orphanage at the age of one.

    Her adoptive parents are Irish and Anglo-Indian.



    NAME: Carole

    AGE: 53

    OCCUPATION: Young people's sexual health and HIV worker

    Carole is a political protester and anti war.

    She has spent most of her life actively involved in politics and welfare issues.

    She is considering a tattoo for her 54th birthday and hopes to find love in the house.
  2. Well whoopdee-friggin-woo :toilet: :toilet: :toilet:
  3. House mate 5 is no female.....
  4. ermmmmmmmm
    why you say that..????
  5. Although it may be all women it has not interested myself yet. Those two twins need to shut up and I've only cock. :eek:

    Supposedly there is going to be a male hunk entering the house on Friday.
  6. Who really gives a fuck? :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet:
  7. To be honest not a lot, though maybe the topic starter. :)
  8. Nope, just about watched the whole of BB1 and after, maybe 5 minutes here and there. Bores the fark out of me, however, I thought it be a fun topic starter, get some banter going but seems not………………………..think Josie needs to give you lot a bl**dy humour kicking :afro:
  9. A couple of em would get it.
  10. The Twins?[​IMG]
  11. So will we see any rugs being munched? :hump:
  12. It's weird the way they have put the twins in the same photo caption, like they conjoined or something. Twins yeah but they don’t stem from the same body.
  13. How do you work that out MM?
  14. I just mean they are two separate people, although they are twins do they have to be shown in the same picture all the time, plus one is slightly better looking than the other. :)
  15. which one...??
    have to say tho went to school with a set of twins... they were so close they even had the same school bags,, the same hair bands.. the same colour socks.. they never did anything without each other...wonder if that was their choise or mums....
  16. it aint fecking human, let alone female
  17. Also didnt Nicky from Mumbai say she hates men - well she has got a feast then aint she.....

    Plenty of rugs to munch on
  18. ahhh here we go again, 'pricks in a portakabin' is here again. fucking wasters.

    from the pictures, sam amanda chanelle and emily would all get ruthlessly shagged till theyre eyes rolled back in their heads, but are still not bait enough for me to watch this bollocks.

    i accidentally saw the first 3-4 seconds of the opening of it last night and after hurridly changing channels i came very very close to scooping my eyes out with a dirty spoon.

    by the looks of that pic list, laura-the-mong and tracy-the-man seem, at first glance, to be the most ugly and fecked up of the bunch. they will probably win.

    i can only pray that one of them has smuggled in an automatic weapon and goes on a shooting rampage in the early stages. that would make it worth half a glance.

    fucking fame seeking tossbags.

  19. Yeah, judging by the phots Sam, Amanda, Chanelle and Emily would all get it, and get it hard and dirrrty.

    By the time I'd finished with them they'd have to be airlifted to the nearest specialist spinal unit. For the rest of their life they would tremble whenever they heard the word 'penis'.

    I'm looking forward to the bitch fights and potential lesbo romps. Imagine what it's going to be like when their periods all synchronise. Eight women all cooped up with PMT at the same time. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  20. PRICELESS, am sat in me office laughing like a hyena. But why waste time, just bomb the fecking place out of existance and take the whole lot with it - gene pool saved for a bit longer me thinks

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