Can anyone give me any info on her?

I'm due to join her for a stint shortly. I've spent time on the Oakleaf and I believe that the Bayleaf is a slightly smaller version of her.

Does she have a pool?
What's the gym like.
What's the accomodation like for augmented personel?

Any other info you'd care to offer would also be welcomed.


Hahaha - From the above post, i.e Pool, Sauna etc, I cannot wait to join my first RFA vessel!

It certainly beats the living sh1t out of a Hunt Class Minesweeper!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oakleaf was in a class of her own.

Bayleaf, Orangeleaf (and the retired Appleleaf, Brambleleaf) formed a coherent-ish class.

Bayleaf presumably still has an open air unheated pool, just behind the bridge, unless the space has been reallocated.

Diligence is the only RFA currently fitted with a sauna (but no pool).
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