Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. when I joined in 56/57 and went to Pompey[after Chatham was closing] I saw two battleships alongside the dockyard.I know one was the KG V but I can't remember the other.Young sprog I was told it was on it's way to the breakers.
    Anyone enlighten? just like to know.cheers
  2. I think that the other one was the Vanguard, but I'm prepared to be correctred.

  3. I joined in 54 as a stoker at Raleigh and did some training on the old battleclass destroyer Dunkirk that was moored up the Tamar and just ahead of us was the old battleship Howe
  4. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Just a guess, but I wonder if the second battleship was another of the KG5 class, of which three* were scrapped around 1957 - including the Howe which 'neaters' mentions.

    Looks as if Vanguard was still in commission until 1959.

    * correction - four: King George V, Duke of York, Howe, Anson.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Vanguard was towed out of Pompey (via the harbour wall) would they have moved her from Chatham whilst in reserve?

  6. Vanguard was Senior Officer Reserve Fleet Portsmouth 1956---60
    the Reserve fleet Portsmouth was called Bellerophon. [paid off 1970]

    :nemo: :nemo:

  7. Anson was in reserve in the Gareloch 1950 till b.u in 1957

    Howe was in Guzz

    Duke of York was reserve at Portsmouth ex SO Reserve Fleet 1949-51

    King George V was in Guzz

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. ANSON - scrapped Faslane 17/12/57
    HOWE - scrapped Inverkeithing 4/6/58
    DUKE OF YORK - scrapped Faslane 18/2/58
    KING GEORGE V - scrapped Dalmuir 20/1/58 and Troon 5/59 (hull only).
    Presume these dates are for the start of BU
    Remember HOWE used to be tied up at Wilcove with the sweeper PYRRHUS alongside. Reserve Fleet was an enormous collection, in about 5 different places, including above Saltash Bridge: UNICORN & MAGNIFICENT were on the big line up near Bull Point.
  9. I remember being berthed alongside the Vanguard in '57 when I was on board the Girdle Ness. I will always remember that fabulous wooden deck :thumright:
  10. Was in Fort Blockhouse in 62 when the Mighty V was towed out for the last journey.
    Didn't see her touch the wall though, missed that having to go back to work.
    My old man was in a battleship, swore blind that they were the best ships - I'll check his sc's and post the name later.

  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Chap I used to have lunch with in the afterlife had been a Mid on the bridge of KGV when she did the last bombardment of Japan. BBs were thought to need something to cheer them up so were given bits of Japan to flatten in the hope of assisting in bringing the Nips to understand that their precious Emperor had rather dropped them in it. Must have been the last rounds fired in anger by a British battleship. WOOMFAH! as my pal Frank Trickey used to say.

    As a schoolboy I stood under the guns of Vanguard on her prairie of a quarterdeck. Nowadays that's called Wow! factor.
  12. Looked through the telescopic gunsight of one of VANGUARD's 15" guns when I was a kid - awesome ! And those 6-barreled Bofors, wow!
  13. There is an overhead picture in the Still & West of Vanguard almost taking out the pub when the tow broke.
  14. The S&W still going ?
    One of my runs ashore when on pub crawl during the good days in Pompey. I shall have to take a weekend there to trace my footsteps sometime.

  15. Went down the pits at 15,left at 16 and saw the sea once in my life.joined the navy 'cos the Army office next door was shut for lunch and I wanted to join the paras!
    Never seen a ship so when Chatham I saw some but when I went to Pompey and saw these Battlers I could not believe the size of them.
    I thought then I would serve on one but obviously never did.
    Some size though and later on a chief tiff used to tell me of how he had to crawl down the barrels to clean them!not sure about that story though.
    He was the same chief all dressed up in some city when a chap walked up and said "Taxi? the chief said "Yes" and they both sat in the back seat!
    bloke thought the chief in best dress was a taxi driver!
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh yeah...

    Stil & West, Bath Square, Old Portsmouth

    Fantastic website, for organising a run ashore! :thumright:
  17. I was at Vernon waiting for the Vanguard to pass for the ferry to go to Dolphin. From there it looked like she had hit the S & W but of course she hadn't. I used to wonder how many razor blades she made and did I use one.
  18. Yes , it was a close shave for the Still and West and I believe the spectators cleared lower deck when one of the tow ropes parted . I was watching from Blockhouse . I believe it was before '62 . The Still and West , what a wonderful pub that was/is. A perfect spot for a bottle/glass of Merrydown , away from the rabble with peace and quiet , happy daze. Always wanted to collect some of the old scuttles? from the scrap iron fleet and use as a feature in my home.
  19. Well, checked his SCs and found out that he actually served in three:

    Ramillies & Resolution (Revenge Class) and Malaya (QE class)

  20. It has had a few re-furbs since your last visit mate.........
    No longer a Gales house unfortunately, my favorite was the 4X....
    worth a visit though, sit outside and watch the ferries to'ing & fro'ing :thumright:

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