Battleships King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York

Discussion in 'History' started by NASAAN101, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Guys,
    Were can i find photos of King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York. Im not two sure about her other two sisters: Howe, Anson.. but KGV and POW were both involved in the sinking of Germany biggest battleship Bismarck and heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen... all five ship, were cool Ships..
  2. Ever heard of google ?

  3. Trigger_92,
    i found a lot on Google. I'm Just look for a good link with colored photos.. but All three ships in there own right had good careers.. It' s just sad they were saved, the only british ships to still be here is HMS belfast..
  4. Urmm, coloured photos!?
    They are from the ww2 era 8o
  5. I'm just reading a few WW2 vet's Bebo pages from 1941, fascinating stuff!

    I think I'll go have a look a Nelson's facebook page, hasn't been updated in a while :?
  6. Eh.......WTF
  7. Guys,
    What I mean is, Light Cruiser HMS Belfast, who was involved in the sinking of German Battleships Scharnhorst!! It just sad you did keep any of your other surface ships..
  8. I suggest you read your last post and correct it, any further questions or wrong quotes should be posted in the HISTORY forum already posted.
  9. Sterling_Stirling,
    I know every was spilled right! HMS BELFAST, that who i was talking about..
  10. Belfast ??????LIGHT CRUISER ?????? WTF .
  11. HMS Cavalier, HMs/m Alliance, HMS Warrior (not WW2 before you start)
  12. READ, READ this bit again.
  13. Guys,
    Look, the US has over 15 of her ships from WW2, and Britain has i believe two, HMS Belfast and one of your Destroyer, i cant remember her name right now, it would have been nice to keep at least one Battleship.. surely you all cant disagree with that right?
  14. :violent3:
  15. TimeToJoinUp,
    Thanks for that, what I'm really looking for is a book, on the class. but no one seems to have any!
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    nobby 0919 exclaimed
    I think Belfast can reasonably be described as a light cruiser iaw the London Naval Conference armament specs. No matter that all bets were off when the WW2 kicked off.

    The RN can't afford its modern fleet (sorry, squadron) let alone museum pieces. Are any of the following really HM Ships / Submarines?
    or museums erroneously prefixed HMS?
  17. seadog,
    Thanks for that, at least i have someone who knew who i was talking about..
  18. Thare's a few pre and post war knocking about (Chatham and Pompey for starters). There's an O boat up North with HMS Plymouth that are advertised as HMS so I assume the MoD are happy with it.
  19. IIRC correctly, the difference between light and heavy cruisers was in the size of the gun they carried - although BELFAST came out with a 12600 tonnage, she came out as a light cruiser (4x3 6"), whereas the SAN FRANCISCO class of the USN weighed in at somewhere around 9950 tons (pre-war), they carried 9 x 8", thereby making them heavy cruisers (CA as opposed to CL), like the COUNTY class (4x2 8"). Could be wrong though...........

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