Battlefield 2142

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ships_Cat, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Mmmmkay, I know there must be some online gamers in RR if theres a forum for it, so whose playing and what do you think?
  2. 2142 is shite.
    BF2 is still worth playing imo.

    Go HERE

    Oh, My Stats
  3. "2142 is shite" succinct and to the point I suppose...... I like it for the Titan battles.

    I checked out Tri-service gamers, looks good but it seems quiet/new. Doubtless I will join so I can finally get in a clan that speaks our language (sort of). I haven't really established a profile in BF2 as I played that and all before it on LAN with 8-10 other guys. Now Im on my todd, I got with the new game so I wouldn't be at such a disadvantage with all the kit unlocks having 13yr olds snipe me from outer space. I guess its time to get weaving on a noob profile (or get a life.....)

    So what about the other BFs then? I think BFVietnam was the best of the pre BF2 engines, and Wake island re-engined (eg in Re-Dux)is one of my favourite maps. But I still love Road to Rome, Secret Weapons (Schwimmwagen!!!), and BF1942. Desert Combat has to be the best mod before BF2. I just went and checked your stats Lamri and I see you play an awful lot of Wake '07 (82hrs!!!). I hope I dont run into you in a tank.....
  4. I plat a lot of Wake and Karkand only because most of the servers these days only play bloody Wake and Karkand :D
    Used to play 1942 quite a bit, but only in SP mode cos my internet was dialup then :)
    I was in a clan called Renegade Squad but they have stopped playing BF2 to wait for Crysis to arrive so I joined TSG. People (TSG) playing every night mate, come and join us. We only play for fun though :) been going for a while now too.
  5. I play BF2 a fair bit and have dabble with 2142, but cannot really get into it as it goes.

    I am in a clan [CBR] and we used to play a lot, but it seems to have gone a bit quiet the past few weeks.

    The most popular maps on BF2 seem to be Wake, Karky, Sharqi and Jalalabad. I prefer Infantry only most of the time as it keeps the armour and jet whores off ya back. ;-) :)
  6. OK Shameless plug time :D ;)

    Tri Service Gamers is exactly what it says, a clan for us lot!
    We play BF2 and some play 2142 (although not many of us TBH)
    We have our own server running BF2 with all the Vanilla Add-ons and we have a Ventrilo Server to constantly give each other shit on :D
    We have a very wide range of experience in the clan, check out the TSG LeaderBoard

    Clan website is HERE although a new one is currently under construction.

    Server and Vent details are on the banner at the top of the website :)
    Free to join, but to be honest we all help out with the server/Ven (usually £7.50 every 3 months).
    Have a look :)
  7. Lego Star Wars - Excitment and laughter abound.

    Also Counterstrike, when i can be arrsed to sign up to xbox live
  8. Ive registerd but how do you play a game on there
  9. Lamri , sorry I'm too bone idle to ask Goku , but what games are you playing on there , and do you ever have "Guest Games" like NoLF or MOHAA etc?

    Would they take suggestions for games? Wouldn't mind playing Harpoon or First Eagles in a purple community.
  10. At the moment its only BF2 mate, with a few also playing 2142.
  11. You need the game to be able to play the game :roll:

    Go ask mummy or daddy if you are old enough to play it :D
  12. ooh Lamri, mean to noobz :twisted:

    Chico, get yourself a copy of BF2, you can download direct off EAs website or just hit amazon, then get Xfire (another free program like AOL IM), you can use the program to find your fellow clan members, and as they have their own server it shouldnt be too hard, you just search the server address in the BF2 multiplayer startup screen. Once there you'll see your fellow clan members use the clan tag in front of their screen names. Jump in, get run over by Lamri, use the teamspeak server (Ventrilo) to hear them laugh maniacally at you as you get knifed or otherwise killed embarrassingly by 13 year olds.

    Anyway, if you're service you'll no doubt appreciate the "humour" flying around. If you cant take a joke...... (dont open your paycheck?)
  13. Where have you been?
    Chico is a schoolkid who'se been caught out "walting" more times than a Liebore politician at a truth seminar!!
  14. Nobody has mentioned WoW or World of Warcraft yet-----Conquer etc----or even Command and Conquer. Never mind the exotic space travel of Eve.
  15. BF 2 is good........

    The Special Forces expantion pack is well worth a go

    But 2142 is much better

    Again the Northen Strike expantion pack Rules

    But if you fancy some old school..............

    BF 1942 with the Desert Combat Final mod is well worth a play

    CTF Rules !!!!!!!!

    I play for The QBS Clan

    See you on the battlefield
  16. FS9 on line with Vatsim for me, flying for British Airways Virtual.
    12 years in the mob and now I have a passion for flying :?

  17. Fair enough. From what I read Babywalts aren't allowed on TSG.

    Anchor faced, Im DL'ing northern strike (not the kind with Arthur scargill), any hints for the new weapons?
  18. Im not into WoW (except the South park episode), but Ive played all the C&C up to Generals:Zero Hour, and now I want to get into the new one , C&C 3 Tiberium wars. New threads to be made I thunk.
  19. lol, 2142 is shocking!!!
    Thats where all the kids went from BF2 :D

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