Battlefield 2 xbox 360


Lantern Swinger
Anybody else hate this game as much as i do? they way your oppos crack on doing their own detail, then get themselves all killed, or ignore the attack helos and charge enemy positions. wish i'd never bought it!!!
I play BF2 on the PC and its a lot different with a lot of proper squad play. Never been one for the game consoles as it goes and although the graphics are normally better quality, the gameplay never seems as good.
I'm with Brigham here. PC Gameplay is (generally) much better, although sometimes if you go onto a new server as a pub if can be a bit "odd man out".

Nearly finished FarCry2 btw and its pretty boring to be honest.
Go over the other side of the map, kill/burn/break/steal something, come back.

Aaaaaand repeat.
Bought Farcry 2 the other day mate and I feel the same as you so far, although I have only played the first couple of levels, its all VERY SAMEY. Bit disappointed really to be honest and I was expecting more although the graphics are very good.
Yeah I can't fault the graphics, the game itself looks superb.
Shame about the actual play/story line though, and some of the guys at TSG say that MP isn't up to much either.
Oh well, roll on BF3/4/5 ;)


Lantern Swinger
Oh dear, ive also got far cry 2 as well.....


and ive completed COD4 (a million times approximately) and although i love it, its just too damn short!!

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