Battle of the Atlantic

Discussion in 'History' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 10, 2006.

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  2. Jenny

    I fail to see how anyoune can seriously consider timeline as a serious look at history when on the same page they write

    "It started with the sinking of the passenger liner Athenia on the day Britain and France declared war on Germany"

    followed shortly afterwards by

    "At the outbreak of war the only real threat to shipping was from surface raiders including the pocket battleships Deutschland and Admiral Graf Spee."

    So in their opinion the submarine U30 commanded by Olt. Fritz Julis Lemp was no threat to the liner Athenia even after he had hit the ship with one torpedo causing the death of 118 souls of which 69 were females and 16 children.

    Talk about fast and loose with words.


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