Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony Farce

Discussion in 'History' started by Redsailor, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the UK and the fifth largest in the world. For special services its capacity with standing is 3,500 persons or 2,300 seated. The upcoming Battle of the Atlantic commemoration is just such a special service and it will be host to veterans of that six-year battle from both the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy.

    I have no idea of the distribution of tickets to other naval organisations but I am reliably informed that the Submariners Association which nationally numbers 4,000 members have been allocated just a single digit number of tickets to attend this last historic commemoration service to be held in the city. Protocol dictates each organisation be represented by a standard bearer at the service, but each bearer will be required to have a ticket from the total awarded to his or her naval association. You will also require a ticket to be a spectator. or even a member of marching platoons for the march-past.

    Wives and families of veterans have not been considered for tickets, but you can safely bet the luminaries attending will have their significant others along with other family members in tow with them on the day. After years of RN management someone has seen fit to outsource the organisational responsibility of this event to a civilian contractor with dubious skills and disastrous results.

    It will be interesting to see how many local and national dignitaries including MPs,councillors; civil servants, extraneous members of the clergy and local government, et al, will be found seats in the cathedral. Just how many of those will have any naval affiliation that entitles them to take a veterans place at a service dedicated to those who fought the good fight? The majority of the great and good establishment attending will not have served in the military, ever been on a wave nor heard a shot fired in anger.The organisers have launched many appeals urging all holders of the Atlantic Star medal to come forward and to be the focus of attention that they so richly deserve and they have responded in large numbers. It’s a crying shame more thought and planning was not given to ensuring that maximum numbers of them could be accommodated within the confines of the cathedral for the proceedings.

    Just half a mile down the road we have the RC Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King with a seated capacity of
    2,000. In this age of high technology and inter-denominational services surely it would have been possible to run this service in tandem between the two cathedrals on a television link. This way at least another 2,000 elderly veterans would have had a seat for the service.

    a lot of aged veterans proudly wearing their Atlantic Star medals and numerous other meritorious service decorations will be relegated to standing outside in the precarious elements of the British climate to listen to the service over PA systems. Many of them will be infirm but their physical discomfiture will not detract them from paying homage and respect to fallen comrades, who with them bravely protected our sea lanes in time of war.

    A land fit for heroes to live in? If this is the way we intend to treat them please don’t insult my intelligence and sense of patriotism.
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  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. Get your drift RS , bit like the farce for the tickets for the FAA centenary bash!!!! Not what you know!! But who you know.
  4. Just prove scouse's point, it wWould have been nice if Tim Lawrence had brought the correct medals! Twat! Sorry, that should have been Sir Twat! Or Twat, Sir!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I get the drift, but the youngest genuine veteran would be at least 85 if he was a trained rating on the very last convoy of the war. As it`s been planned for the last 12 months, you`d kind of hope a family member had the foresight to make enquiries a few months ahead to ensure a a righful place of honour for the few. At the same time I`d hope the organisers had the foresight to reserve places for the unexpected, genuine veterans. There were certainly a lot of post war service veterans who I`m sure would`ve given-up their place, had they been asked. (Yeah, right).

    On a slightly different tack, I`d love to know who the officious dick was at the Port of Liverpool Building, "Veterans Welcome Centre" who turned away service veterans from all eras from the the advertised "no ticket" event if they didn't have a ticket.
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  6. You were right the first time, having said that his full size are probably away at Gieves & Hawkes in Saville Row having another gift from the Queen gong court mounted.

    Must say that I enjoyed watching the service and I must be getting old as it looked to me like the skipper of the Bulwark should still be studying for his Highers.
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  7. I have no idea about this celebration but was present throughout the 50th anniversary event in '93. I have to say that that was a memorable 2 weeks. I attended dozens of events across the area from Port Sunlight to the Grafton to Everton Boxing Club(?) and the atmosphere and welcome was fantastic; perhaps nowhere more so than the recently opened Paradox nightclub when a load of Polish matelots in rig (most of whom couldn't speak English) came in!

  8. What FAA Centenary bash ?? Do you mean the "Fly Navy 100" thing in 2009 ? I went to the Garden Party at BP , and very nice it was too ; we even had Champagne to drink! But ; the TRUE FAA Centenary should be next year , 2014 . I say this because as a JEM(A)2 aged 16 in 1964 , I was in the Royal Guard at Yeovilton for the 50th Anniversary ( are there any more of you out there ??) , the RNAS dating from 1914 .However ,I have asked various people , including FAA Museum ( Number 9 Hangar !) and NOBODY KNOWS ! Perhaps FAAA know something I/we don't !

    Fecundi Calices , Quem Non Fecere Disertum ?? ( So much better than In Vino Veritas , don't you agree ? ).
  9. yes was at Vl for the 50th in 64 , came down with 809 for the week , and they put us up in tents lol FLEET AIR ARM DISPLAY - British Pathé Fairey Swordfish (pilot, Rear Admiral P. D. Gick; observer, Rear Admiral H. R.Janvrin; telegraphist/air gunner, Lt Cdr C. Topliss).
    Wasps of 829 Sqn (Lt Cdr K. Mitchell) and 771 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. R. J. Rutherford).
    12 Wessexes of 819 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. J. Lynn), 706 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. E. Kelly), 737 Sqn
    (Lt Cdr R. Leonard) and 829 Sqn.
    Gannets of 849 Sqn (Lt Cdr W. H. Barnard) and 831 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. G. Grindle).
    12 Hunters of 738 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. W. Beard) and 759 Sqn (LtCdrA. H. Milnes).
    12 Scimitars of 803 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. G. Newman) and 736 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. Worth).
    12 Sea Vixens of 899 Sqn (Cdr D. C. Matthews), 890 Sqn (Lt Cdr R. G. M.Campbell)
    and 766 Sqn (Lt Cdr G. P. Carne).
    12 Buccaneers of 800 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. C. Mather) and 809 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. F. H. C. De Winton)
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