Battle of Jutland: The Navy's Bloodiest Day


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Tonight, Sunday 29th BBC2 2100.

I know this has been mentioned in the History Forum but I felt it was worth a reminder here just in case anyone has missed the original post.


Yes looking forward to this.
And more 'Jutland' posts on the Jutland Memorial thread here

I am intrigued by the claim
" Fresh evidence sheds new light not only on why so many died, but also on the importance of Jutland to the eventual triumph of the Allies. "
I know that documentaries have to be promoted by hinting that they are offering something new or even 'ground-breaking' ....but will see what emerges .

And Lord West programme's on 'Jutland' first broadcast on Radio 4 a week ago is still available via above link.


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Dr Shini Somara was the only good thing on it IMO. Setting fire to the cordite was good though.


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Slightly disappointing.
I know it was aimed at the general population but even so it was a bit short on detail.


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Neither presenter sufficiently understood the subject to get under the skin of it and neither, clearly, had read through the available recent literature. The signalling and intelligence issues were misdescribed, the ammunition issue missed some important points, and the PR side of things and Beatty’s dishonesty which caused the later massive historic controversy and misjudgment was left out altogether. Too much time was wasted on look-at-me stuff instead of coverage of an important subject.


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I know very little about the technical detail, but marvel at the proclamation it was ever considered a victory.


Tend to agree with a lot of the criticism. I am not sure what the 'fresh evidence' actually was. I was pleased that the impact of the naval blockade on the German civilians was featured ,as this can get overlooked.. But the main argument against 'Jutland as a British victory' stance was that Britain certainly wasn't wining the underwater war. So when unrestricted U boat warfare resumed in 1917, it was by no means certain that Britain would be on the winning side, a point that the programme overlooked.


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The strategic victory consisted of the RN retaining command of the sea (and we eventually beat the U-boats) and frustrating the Germans in their objective which was to beat the blockade. The results of that (relating to its effect on both the sailors and their families), together with the enforced idleness of the High Seas Fleet, culminated in mutiny and its eventual internment in Scapa Flow. The numbers thing, largely self inflicted, was strategically (which is what matters) an irrelevance.


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Incidentally, since Snow etc dragged a rangefinder into the show, the pgmme failed to compare ours with the German ones, the relative differences in their operation, and the supporting spotting rules on each side, all of which had their effect on the outcome.


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Question - If a rating joined pre WW1, and fought at Jutland, he would have been entitled to the 1914 Star, The British War Medal, and the Allied Victory Medal. Correct? Would being killed at Jutland preclude the award of any of these, for example the Victory medal?
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