Battle of Jutland Crew Lists


A small group of volunteers are endeavouring to re-create the crew lists of all of those at the Battle of Jutland on the 151 Royal Navy ships.

A sailor is only confirmed to have been at the battle when his service records or other sources are checked and it is identified that he was on a 'Jutland Ship' over the period 31st May to 1st June 1916.

The project website is at:


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It may be that such a list already exists and includes Allied Officers (Canada and Japan) and embarked civilians.

The name of the compiler - who gave a talk on the subject at a mess dinner - will come to me, @Naval_Gazer may know the name.


I would be interested to know who that is. We are fast approaching 67% of the names. This includes RN regulars, RNR, RNVR, Royal Marines, Japanese observers, Admiralty Civvis. Those killed in action, died of wounds and survivors.


Thank you. All names found are also being included within the ‘Lives of the First World War’ Battle of Jutland ship communities.


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It might be worth subscribing to the British Newspaper Archive, NS. If you search for Jutland and narrow the time frame for your search down, you will probably see reports in small, local newspapers mentioning local men who fought in the battle.


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Have just spoken to Stephen Prince's office and it is not conducting this exercise. Did mention several initiatives, all of which I am aware of and all are limited to some degree. (Only regular sailors, no RNR or RNVR or Marines, does not include those joining prior to 1899, etc)

So it looks like the 'Jutland Crew Lists' project is the only one that is attempting to identify all of the names at the battle.

We are always looking out for those that would like to help. If interested please make contact. Details on the project website
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