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Battle of Britain Spitfires etc


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Hoping the weather allows the various Spitfire/Hurricane/Blenheim aircraft to make their flights around the country this afternoon from Goodwood.

It would be nice, though, if the media coverage included mention of the Royal Navy's involvement in the Battle of Britain. Credit is given to personnel from the RAF, Dominions and air forces of countries overrun by the Nazis - but the RN does not usually get a mention.

I don't refer to the contentious argument that it was in fact the RN which won the battle by physically deterring an invasion - but to the simple fact that Fleet Air Arm squadrons actually took part in the Battle of Britain, and RN personnel served with RAF squadrons.

Apologies if this has been mentioned before. I didn't think it really warranted putting in the "rant" thread. And I do hope to see and hear some of the aircraft today.


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The BBC piece also mentions that the St Paul's service commemorated all those involved in the battle, including ground crew etc.


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The FAA sqns are also mentioned on the Battle of Britain Memorial in London, together with images of the Fairey Fulmar and Grumman Martlet I and the names of RN aircrew who died with RAF sqns. Equally, it should be remembered that 804 and 808 Sqns were based in the Isle of Man, Northern Scotland and Orkneys so saw no action whatsoever during the Battle.

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