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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Lancecadetjimbo, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Americas Army Anyone?, Basically a Downloadable free game, Supposed to Encourage Young americans to have an insight into what the Army is all about (As if anyone doesnt know), And show them how the american army operates, Quite a Good game, with intense graphics, allthough a good internet connection is required because 75% of the servers are based in america. Check out some screenshots at google if your interested.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Where's the linky thing
  3. Lance cadet is having a laugh(see the avatar)
  4. Linky thing :)

    There we go - Bare in mind finding downloads which actually work for this, Take a while to download. Your best bet will be to Find it Torrented
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...which is what Lamri posted six hours ago..! :roll: :wink: :lol:
  7. I didn't like the fact that both teams played as american soldiers and frankly, there are better multiplayer shooter games out there.
  8. Hmm, I have to challenge your Statement there Saying 'I Dont like the Fact that both teams play as americans', When im playing one Side is American, the other side is Terrorists?, Granted each side is American to there own team, But to be honest, if you put any other country on the other side that country might bitch or something? I just imagine the other side as Taliban or Al' And pull out my GPMG ^^
  9. But yes, There definatley Are better FPS games out there, But i have to say for a Free game, This is Very good.
  10. Yep, definately worth every penny :D

    Personally I don't like the game, but each to his/her own :)

    For small maps, I like CoD4
    For big battles I prefer BF2 :)
  11. Meh, for a recruiting tool, its not half bad. Its got quite the following in the US, and considering the DoD want to use it as a tactical training aid, it has some positive points. But, as Lams points out, you get what you pay for, or don't in this case. The BF series have better mods and bigger communities, and seem to be on top of the cheats more, but thats development money for you. I haven't got COD4 yet, (saving my pennies for a copy), but I held off on the earlier CODs because I thought they felt too similar to MOH, having played COD2 on PS2 I wasnt enthused.
  12. Oh, and Lamri, your flaps are too small for them knicks, thats deceitful that is.....(hopefully the N-word wont bother us in here...)
  13. Nothing wrong with my flaps mate! :D

    If you're thinking of buying CoD4 but already like playing BF2, bear in mind that CoD is a bit like a small map IO server :)
    Better graphics and sounds sure, but (at least at the moment) no vehicles and VERY small maps :)
  14. I guess without all that extra toss and vehicles to administer it reduces lag, so does it play better? With it being I/O i suppose the kits are a bit simpler then?
  15. I love bf2, if my 2 bean can on a string internet improves some day I'll get back into it.
  16. No lag :D
    Well, not that i've noticed anyway. Which for me at least, is a BIG plus over BF2 even with 20meg BB :)

    As for kits, well actually they make much more sense. You can create classes and have weapons and extras to suit. One main weapon, one sidearm then three extras that you can carry as you unlock them going up the ranks. Things like UAV Jammers when coupled with a silenced weapon make you totally invisible on minimaps. Clays, extra grenades, more weapon damage etc etc. BUT support class doesn't give out ammo like its christmas, and there is no Medic class, although you DO regenerate if injured.
    Different weapon scopes are unlocked too, as are better weapons. There are 55 classes in total, and also loads of extra little mini personal objectives to complete. All in all a very good game, but unless there are map packs on the way, I doubt it will have the legs of BF2 :)
  17. Invest in Call Of Duty 4.. Best FPS shooter of recent times by far, it's much better than the old CODs now its set in modern times. Online its brilliant with ranking up and unlockable perks and weapons, the single player is excellent too (albeit a little short). The missus still curses me now three months after it came out 'cause ill be playing that instead of having 'sexy time' o_O
  18. And to Lamri the map packs are def on the way. For PC players the mod tools for creating your own maps (free) are out now too so expect plenty of homegrown content too.
  19. Sounds like im going to have to get this too.. >_<!

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