Batch 2 42s - paying off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Levers_Aligned, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    According to -

    The News

    ... Exeter comes back soon and isn't flying her paying off pennant, despite going into 'extended readiness', and all that. The other B2s are faring the same way as well, according to some. They're allowed to fly their pennant alongside for a day sometime in the future.

    Kinda insulting, if you ask me. But then again, where do sensitivities count when the CAS states that although morale is low, we are proud to serve?

  2. <Lying Bastard Part Time Minister for Defence Mode ON>

    The Navy is not cutting back on Destroyers, HMS (add any name of 42 rusting quietly to itself) is still a full member of the Fleet

    <Lying Bastard Part Time Minister for Defence Mode OFF>
  3. It'll be a sad day for the RN when there's no stumpy 42's carving about. (Or limping). The last of our ships with character. Shame.
  4. If by character you mean carp accom, a/c and systems then yeah they had character (though granted windows in the Chief's mess on a batch 1 was pleasant). Not even the most rose tinted of goggles could ever make it a sad day that sees the demise of a stumpy 42.
  5. Each to their own like but the best ships I've served on(and being in the live out of a grip branch I've had a few) have all been batch 1 and 2 42's. Perhaps it's the fact that they are cramped and without frills or home comforts that makes the ships companies so brilliant, through adversity and all that. I'd rather sopend a 9 month deployment on one of them than an atmosphere vacuum like a 23 or 22 any day.
  6. I loved the stumpies some very good memories on board the ones I served on.
  7. yep, batch 1s, heaps of fun. Not sure i'd want to go to war on one these days mind....
  8. I served on both stumpies and the stretched and loved them both. Yes, the accomodation was crap, the lighting was awful, the noise, the STP always stinking, cramped SR's dining hall etc, etc.

    But, they had character and something which many of our 'modern' ships lack in spades. I have always likened 42's to the old Leander class in that they were ropey old bits of kit to work on, but had fantastic ships companies.
  9. I loved them in rough sea when they twisted and you could see from one horse shoe flat to the other lol
  10. I have to say I served on batch 1,2 and 3 Type 42s and loved my time onboard all of them. As Brigham said, they were ropey bits of kit (at times) like the old Leanders, but I do think they had great ships companies (by and large) and a great deal of character. :thumright:
  11. Well deffo each to their own! I had 1 batch 1 which was alright but just didn't compare to the Leander and couple of 21's that went before it. I suppose for PFKs given the choice of a 42 or a carrier I'd probably have picked a 42 too.
  12. Going even further back, the county class GMD's deserve a mench, 60 stokers down 3Q and a similar number of greenies down 3P.
    Great ships company, at full chat 30+ knots they were something to behold. :thumright:
  13. Served in MANCHESTER and YORK great ships great ships companies. As a gunner we had it all- long range air defence, NGS with Mk8 and CIWS plus the 20mm. Fecking sexy if you ask me especially when the kit worked. But if I ever to go to sea again (unlikely unless they wan't me back as a reservist) I'd go on a CVS - Now that is comfort.
    Went seariding in Birmingham in the late 90s fecking SMR had the smelliest fecking feet and the loudest snore I've ever come across he had the after six berth almost to himself!!!
    Sad to see them go but they are f*cking old EXETER was in the South Atlantic FFS - but didn't she do well.
    I hope the new DARINGS get the same reputation.
  14. Yes I agree, I served on HMS Fife and HMS Kent for a while, great ships too. You had to love cleaning those G6 gas turbines with ground walnut shells.... :thumright:
  15. My last ship was Manchester, it was a great ship with a great crew. However I think it is too easy for us to put on rose tinted specs when it comes to old ships. The type 42 has served us well but is now past it's sell by date. Time to give modern sailors ships with better living conditions and more up to date equipment.
  16. Unfortunately, that appears to be the bit that the Treasury/Liabour have forgotten......

  17. Come on… you know the Nueue Arbiet party line…

    All together now… 1,2,3!

    'Modern warships have bigger operational footprints'

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