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Bastion2Blighty an epic while on H14


Hello RumRat members!!
Yep another request for your hard earned cash!!

We are a group of Medics, Doctors and Nurses who are raising funds for the three main Service Charities. The Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity, The Army Benevolent Fund and the Royal Air Force Association. We are doing this by running, cycling and rowing from the Hospital at Bastion back to our base in Portsmouth...... but the wrong way round!!

We are sorry to disappoint but all the mileage will be done while in theatre during the Herrick 14 deployment, war zones, international borders and doing our jobs while deployed meant getting diplomatic clearance and time off was an issue!

The route has been planned as if we taking every step, turning every wheel and rowing every wave. We have a core of 14 people who will be working in Bastion hospital and at the main Forward Operating Bases during the Herrick 14 deployment who will be completing the mileage while off watch, as you can appreciate after a day in the busiest ED in the world the motivation it'll take someone to climb onto a rower, bike or treadmill and bang out 5-10 miles every day for 6 months is going to be both mentally and physically challenging to say the least.

Basically in the virtual world we are going to run up to the bottom of Russia, hang a right, and run to Vladivostok, Row across to Canada, run to New York, row to Portugal, run up to the English channel via Madrid and Paris then row to Dover before a gentle trot back to Portsmouth. A mere 19700 miles give or take

Spread the word as the scars of battle do not stop at the hospital and the three charities we have chosen help the people who need it the most.

One day of Service, a life time of support.

You can find us on FaceBook at Bastion To Blighty | Facebook

And if you can spare a few coins Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Bastion2Blighty's fundraising page

Thank you,

The B2B team
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