Bastardisation of the English language.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Are there any changes that are now taken for granted in the english language or is it just ignorance that the wrong words are replaced.

    There is nothing personal intended here, it's just that I have picked this one out as it is present in all forums that use english

    This one annoys me most - it is not 'of' it is 'have'.

    Could of told you that. (this must be right because he is a MOD)

    Are they signs of poor learning or just laziness?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Could of told you that.
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I hate the use of lower case for the 'E' in 'English.' I also hate the omission of the question mark in a sentence that forms a question. I hate the use of MOD when one means mod as in moderator.
  4. I think you mean "mod. as moderator". It being an abbreviation, and this being pedants corner.

    I'll get my coat.
  5. Could be just me, but this does not look right...
    Shouldn't that read, "This one annoys me the most"

    If I am incorrect, I'll go stand in the corner...[​IMG]
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    P2000 wrote
    I do but one convention at a time! Leave your coat in the cloakroom.

    Phew, wriggled out of that one.
  7. Seadog, as ever a gentleman and a scholar. I thank you, sir.
  8. "Are they signs of poor learning or just laziness?)"

    It is the sign of a poor education, they are illiterate

    Due to the lack of education they really believe they are correct too

    It started with the change in education mid 70's, where, if they were
    taking an exam that was not english literature, then they were given
    full marks, and not marked down for spelling or grammar

    Where previously as an example :-

    a.Four apples, six pears, and twelve grapes totalled twentytwo = 100%
    b.For aplse six pairs an twelf graps totld twentytoo = Fail

    "b" would now be classed as a one hundred percent pass, the student really belives it, then blunders on in life totally unaware

    What is it now NAMET 12-12 for Killick ???
  9. How about "What class was you in?"
    Errr, surely that should be "What class were you in?"
    And people who don't know when to use whom.......they p1ss me off too.....
    Rant over :thumright:
  10. The standard of English seems generally abysmal these days and I'm not convinced that it's bad education, as such. I believe that teachers are teaching it but are unable to insist that children learn it. In Primary school, we used to get a wallop for getting low marks in a spelling test. That was the "A" class, though (48 of us). I think the kids in the "B" class were spared the wallop for being thick/lazy and only received one for misbehaving. Then there was that phase when teachers were discouraged from correcting grammar and spelling as it, allegedly, stifled freedom of expression. Now we have the clever buggers who say that language should reflect Society and that it is a dynamic medium. The net result of that mindset, of course, is anarchy!
  11. I suppose (to play devil's advocate) we like to chose which conventions we obey and which not. Some people like alternative lifestyles, others language ...
  12. But the question is whether they choose “an alternative language†or, their lack of education means the “alternative language†chooses them?
  13. Surely that should be pedant's corner? I'm sure possessive nouns require an apostrophe.

  14. No, surely not - I saw a lovely piece of sign writing the other day advertising Cornish Pasty's - couldn't quite fathom out what the pasties owned !!!
  15. What about people who write "there" when they actually mean "their" ?
    I mean,come on, even I know the difference and English is not even my first language!
    In my opinion it just looks daft en un-edjucated.
  16. It's those who confuse "affect" and "effect" that annoy me.
  17. Really I wouldn't have thought that would have "effected" you :thumright:
  18. its all to easy now, most work at schools and home is done on computers and therfore spell checked so lazyness is probably the answer
  19. See NotmeChief's "english language) above The Spanish make it clear that what follows is a question by placing an inverted question mark at the start and a right way up one at the end. How does reiterate grab you when the person iterating has not yet repeated him/herself?
    Different from as opposed to different to. Similar to but different from.
    I rather dislike mod's MOD's Mod's . Nothing moderate about them!!
  20. Cloggie. That's an interesting point. Very often it is people abroad who are learning our language that strive to achieve a higher standard than that of the natives. That argument often fails, though, when those people take up permanent residence over here.

    G R. You could well be right. These days it seems in order for people to do whatever they feel like, whenever, how ever. So that principle is simply transferred to our language because who the hell cares.

    As there are several of us pedants on this Forum, perhaps it should be "pedants' corner". We must be careful not to stifle genuine regional dialects, incidentally.

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