Bastard, I hate to admit.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Mick Hucknall. I hate the ginger haired conceited, Manchester twat.
    Trouble is, and this is the gripper, love or hate him the bastard can sing.
    When he sings live he sounds identical to his records, and watching his last ever performance on the telly now, he sounds as he did 25 years ago.
    And he supports my football team the rat bag. 8O

    I want to criticize the bugger but..........ah bollocks. :twisted: :twisted:
  2. He does sound amazing, like you said almost identical to his records.

    Still can't change the fact he is a ginger twat!!!
  3. Looks better on the radio ! 8)
  4. I have to admit that several women of my acquaintance regard it as a promising sign if a bloke possesses at least one Simply Red CD.
  5. Should've been put down at birth
  6. Had the "joy" of going to Wembley to see Simply Pink live. Some bird to my right, heavily made up and clearly on her own kept screaming to get Mick H's attention - no doubt for the after show party.
    Tramp. And am quite sure that she was too.
  7. Er, spread it around Sol, I have one :oops: :oops:
  8. Thought exactly the same thing last night RR, amazing that he's kept his voice after 25 years solid on the extracurricular. Just goes to show how special the special-haired ones are..
  9. He's trapped some serious minge despite his 'African Sunset' bonce.
    Also application, via CD, of his smooth syncopation along with a bit of Phil 'The bald one' Collins whinging has secured me more than a few shags and for that he'll always get a pat on the back from me.
    Collins would only get a sly nod in a dark alley from me for his early Genesis stuff, as his 'No jacket required' bollix should get him a 9mm to the swede, despite it's flange opening qualities.
  10. Consider yourself nominated for legend of the month in the old school bootneck post category. Your post has it all; sex, a balanced consideration of the facts, humour and measured violence - good effort!
  11. I was sitting wanting him too fuck up. Am I a total bastard or is it just natural to hate Hucknall 8O :roll:

    Perhaps its penis envy. I am jealous of who the ginger bastard has stuck his in. :evil: :evil:
  12. Putting Pimpley Red in the shade was the follow up to last night's show.......Status Quo... with their re-worked charity single for H4H
    Head bangers unite.... We're all going barmy now ! :headbang:
  13. Saw that .

    Good innit :D
  14. I do what I can.
    The smut, giggles and tad of ultra violence of the Corps were like Mother's milk to a St Paul's Cathedral Choirboy such as myself*. 8O :lol:

    *Choir walt alert applies. :wink:
  15. So you were in the WRENS after all?

    (Albeit Sir Christopher's)
  16. Whe you say, "in"...
  17. I've never denied being IN a WREN or two.
    Surely denying them my godlike Bootneckness would have been a sin in the eyes of God?
    Besides it meant that they discovered the benefits of making love with a man devoid of beer gut, love handles and dimpled arse as they would've 'enjoyed' with a male member of the RN. :twisted:
  18. Or Mick Hucknall....(getting back on thread).... not that I've ever seen his arse, dimpled or otherwise ! :oops:
  19. Doesn't stop you fantasizing though, does it...!?
  20. I saw His Gingerness in concert once, and very nearly puked when he came out with "I can just feel the love in the room."

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