Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dhoby_bucket, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Considering I still have no form of pension whatsoever, I'll have to remember this!
  2. It's not just pensioners who are better off either.
    I know loads of lads who've done time and say it's a f ing doddle.

    The mind boggles :roll: (bring back hanging :twisted: )
  3. £1 per week TV licence?! Great, that's half what I have to pay and I work bloody hard for that

    I think it's better to be a murderer, rapist or asylum seeker in this country - they get it so much better!
  4. I think it's better to be a murderer, rapist or asylum seeker in this country - they get it so much better![/quote]

    I think an asylum seeking murdering rapist bastard gets it best
  5. my best mate works as a screw at Altcourse prison Liverpool, and says that currently 27% of the inmates are asylum seekers.
    On top of that; all inmates have their own music systems, TV's and are eventually given Playstation2's at some point.
    -and that's only the tip of the iceberg

    (It's f ing discusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  6. Which reminds me, how come Forces personnel have to have TV licences for each room / mess etc yet prisons don't? Feckers.
  7. Cheers dhoby_bucket - info about this type of scumbag really makes your day. I just hope that someone is abusing him severely every night. If I had my way he'd have been buried in a dark hole somewhere a long while ago. Of course this would have offended his human rights and make me as bad as him, wouldn't it ?
  8. No :lol:
  9. If prisoners aren't allowed the vote why are they allowed their state pensions? Come on HMG - legislate for Heaven' sake!
  10. If pensioners have their state pension stopped if they are in hospital over a certain period of time, does the same happen to prisoners????
    If they have private pensions make them pay for board and lodging...
    The french even get their hospital patentients to contribute towards their food costs...

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