Bass 953 or AQC06

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by kingoftwigs, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Anyone from the above entries on RR? If you are drop me a PM, trying to arrange a get together around Nov. Those who were and remember, I'm the skinny little 16 year old from the entry, yes thats right I still here!
  2. Afraid not. I was Warsop 873 if anyone wants to drop a line!
  3. Afraid not. I was Warsop 873 if anyone wants to drop a line![/quote]

    :razz: You old bast'd :razz:
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh

    I remember it well.................

    what a time Bass division had under LT Dawson

    I was there

    PM me m8
  5. Well there's a start, two of us from Bass still in at least! Here's to the Official Nato Log Carriers!
  6. lol I've still got the T-shirt :cool:
  7. I'm down to my last 1, other 2 stolen by ex g/f who liked sleeping in them, I'm still in touch with a couple of the lads although I haven't seen the Giz around for years.
  8. Sorry fellas, I mean all 953 entry not just Bass. Looking for Burgess and Thompson divs as well.

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