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Basketball in the RN


Anybody else play basketball in the RN? I'm in the RNR at Plymouth at the moment which is right in the dockyard and have been lucky to play starting point guard for Plymouth Command a few times but am looking to take it further possibly, can anyone give any advice on how to advance or is it best just to go through the local PTI? Many Thanks...


Lantern Swinger
You are prob best playing good and not average. badger the PTI's to let you in on the trainign for the higher level teams.


Very funny vaughny baby, i'd woop you in a game of one on one any day! I'm white and 5ft 10 but i'd still find a way to dunk it on you!


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Furniss said:
i'd woop you in a game of one on one any day! I'm white and 5ft 10 but i'd still find a way to dunk it on you!

Now we are talking basketball here aint we????? You might be a short arse and look lioke a sheet in the wind but remember run into me and it'd hurt. ha ha ha :mrgreen:


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You need to get in touch with Lt CDR Rob Knill, who I beleive is the chairman of the RN team or POPT "Stacey" Watts who is the coach. Unfortunately, they are both Pompey based


I used to Coach/Manage and Play for the Command Basketball Team in the 86-88 seasons when we played in the Plymouth /South Devon League as Drakes Buccaneers.I was commended as being responsible for the resurgence of interest in Basketball in Plymouth Command when we finished 3rd in the Inters .If any of the old guys are out there,Daisy May,Rich Rayner,Steve Owen,Mick Keen, Danny Daniels, and anyone else not mentioned I'd be happy to here from you .I don't see as much in the Navy News about the Basketball so come on you guys still playing please start making some headlines.
Yours Aye
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