hey iv bin accepted to join the RN in 3 months and am looking forward but a little nervous is the basic training the same as the RM and army?


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Certainly not the same as RM; nothing is the same as that.

There's a lot of PT and square bashing, much like any basic training however. Anything specific you want to know?


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Practice your ironing, polishing shoes and build up a decent level of fitness.

If you go to Raleigh having mastered all of the above, you will breeze through. Trust me.
My lad has just passed out and the matelot is spot on - ironing fitness (including the swimming) and shoes and you won't have a problem.


do u have any good sites that i can watch or look at ie training vids and the life in general i do know what its like just interested in learning more :)


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Try this site or the RN website.

Also, can you try to write proper English rather than text speak - best you get into the habit now before you start training.


I have justdone 2 weeks basic and going back in jan for the next 6 i love it. the first 2 weeks is mainly paperwork and death by power point with a little bit of fitness.
top tip is be everywhere 5 mins early and be still when waiting for the pt staff. pt and drill is where the hard work is done, if u get on in that the rest is easy. Pass the swim test first time and u dont get extra swimming lessons, u dont need any extra work or you will find it hard to keep up with the kit prep. First impression counts, they pick class leaders in the first week so in the low ropes team building try and be a good leader and listener. Every lecture you go to as a class you are being judged so dont fall asleep. If you give 110% at everything you will get on fine.

Eat and drink at every meal time there is no such thing as a diet in basic.
I cant wait to go back. Also you will find that there are only about 5 girls in a mess and about 27 boys i say this because i thought there would be loads more girls.

Any questions please ask i will be pleased to help


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i passed out in september and to be honest i personaly found basic a bit of a joke. i didnt feel that i was perticuarly pushed for much of it. not like i was expecting any way. and im not a perticuarly fit person on joining i did the mile and a half in 1053.
dont worry i doubt its any thing like as hard as what you expect.

Best tip is just use your time wisely. its easy to do once you get in to a routine.
just set clear time to do your washing ironing and boots.
Basic is so easy it's frightening, just keep your ears open and your mouth shut and do what you are told. It's a simple formula.
Good luck.