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I know I am way of this yet but I like to keep my head clear as to what I am doing. But my question is. Why do they test you for Maths and English in the basic training? And along side this I want to know is there like a minimum mark you are allowed to achieve? I got C in English but D in Maths so what would they do with me. I also have key skill qualifications in Maths and English.

I am just wondering I would hate to have to go through all the tests and then flunk it on a maths exam. Especially considering in the booklet it said no qualifications were necessary for what I wanted to do.

This has been asked previously. I checked for it but all I got was a thread that appeared to be people arguing so thought I would re-post it.

So how does the above work and thanks for any answers.


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The tests are used to whittle out all the dumbfcuks from joining up. It used to be a good system then someone invented the internet.

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