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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Nik2015, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I know I am way of this yet but I like to keep my head clear as to what I am doing. But my question is. Why do they test you for Maths and English in the basic training? And along side this I want to know is there like a minimum mark you are allowed to achieve? I got C in English but D in Maths so what would they do with me. I also have key skill qualifications in Maths and English.

    I am just wondering I would hate to have to go through all the tests and then flunk it on a maths exam. Especially considering in the booklet it said no qualifications were necessary for what I wanted to do.

    This has been asked previously. I checked for it but all I got was a thread that appeared to be people arguing so thought I would re-post it.

    So how does the above work and thanks for any answers.
  2. i know this doesnt say why but i think this is how they do it
    When i went on the rnac about a month ago the go entry level 1,2 then 3. and then go level one level 2 level 3 so on i think they siad you had to get entry level 2 when getting to HMS Raleigh and then when passing out entry level 3 then like level one was leading hand or somthing like that. but im not 100%
  3. I dont know for certain but there used to be certain NAMET grades required for promotion. If you didnt have the grade for your next promotion you had to do a course reach the required grade. It dont do any harm to keep the grey matter ticking over.
  4. It's called LANTERN test now and there are 2 levels. You need Level 1 to be promoted to leading hand and above.

    You also do key skills again in phase 2.

    You have to do these as whatever branch you go in reports have to be written, forms filled in etc etc.
  5. Ah, OK. Thank you for clearing that one up. My apologies for possibly pushing the bounds here but if you, or more over I failed them what would happen?

    And thanks again for the help. Rigsby. I don't know why I have to be spell perfect on here but since you assigned yourself God would it not be wise to be perfect yourself before jumping down others throats.

    Thanks to all the USEFUL help. It is much appreciated.
  6. As Wrecker states 'you have to write reports'...........and unless you want to be reaching for the dictionary/spellcheck after every word you type then now is a good time to start doing things properly - from the outset

    i hope you are equally as appreciative of the feedback that will be provided by your 'training team'. I suspect that plenty of thrashings will be heading your way (perhaps your oppos will be fortunate enough to have to share them with you). Enjoy every second of it you narrow minded bumderhead :banghead:
  7. Im NAMET 0:0 but I had to read this a couple of times. Should I get tested again in case it was a fluke???
  8. i'm going to have a couple of drinks and then get back to this - might make sense then - wait out.
  9. You should really sort your ellipses out before giving lessons Rigsby.
  10. I was Namet 0:0 and gave it a damn good ignoring.
  11. you sticking up for the young boys then Guzzler?
  12. No not really. Just a 'glass houses' type point that's all.

    I have had a rather sad ellipsis/ellipses fixation ever since I was picked up for it a few years ago!
  13. I missed the last total ellipse, I was at sea!
  14. Badoom-tsh!

    Here all week old chap?
  15. Well G, would you like to explain your fixation so that we can all benefit from your experience on this matter
  16. The Lantern test (used to be called NAMET) tests your basic numeric, reading and writing skills. They are purely for promotion within the RN, by failing them you would not be shown the door, but given extra schooling and then be allowed to re-take them.

  17. SM if you already have key skills level 1 will you still need to take the lantern test's?
  18. I am fixated on them aswell Rigsby. I would explain it but I can't be bothered. . .
  19. Then surely you realised that there should be a space before the ellipsis.

    Or were you after a bite?

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