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Well im 19 and wanting to join the navy, I joined the army as soon as a could just after my 17th birthday and completed the 14 weeks basic training and left, which now after 2 years in a crappy desk job was the worst choice i could of made.

Now with more maturity im desperate to quit this job and get my self a career more than just a job which i hate.

So basically the question is how will the basic training with the navy compare to the 14 weeks i did in the army?
(I'm thinking of an engineering role)

I cant imagine it being all running and tabbing and obstacle courses and some more running?

cheers Catton.
Basic Training is 9 weeks at Raleigh, during that time you will get all the training you need to be safe at sea, along with a lot of team building exercises. Yes there will be PT sessions, Assault course, treks across Dartmoor, but nothing like Army training. You will learn the basics of Kit, Marching/drill, first aid, weapon drills, fire-fighting, damage control (Keeping the ship afloat), and also a few academic subjects.

After the 9 Weeks at Raleigh you will then pass onto phase 2 training in your specialist trade, normally 4 to 6 months.

When I went through training (along time ago now) there was 1 lad who was ex-Army and alot of it was a walk in the park for him, but we do alot of things differently so it is still an important part of joining the RN.

Question for you - are you still in the Army? if so are you going to try for an in-service transfer? If you have already left then get aong to your nearest AFCO and take your discharge papers with you, so they can get the ball rolling. Get yourself across to the senior service and get some good runs ashore under your belt.


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Cheers for the reply, i have no doubt its important just wanted to know how sort of different it was. Well my 2.4km time is still 8 or so mins so i cant see there being and fitness problems.

Thats all i really wanted to know so cheers.


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B2B raises a good point, the RN is not so much struggling for recruits as with retention. If you left the Army after basic, it does indicate that you may be more likely to PVR than another person.
I can understand why you think that i am more likely to leave now than other people but when i was 17 i didnt really feel it was the right career for me, and to be honest wasnt exactly thinking of the future.

I'm not a quitter i mean its an achivement that i passed basic i could of left before hand but i stuck at it and passed. Now with more life experience i feel that leaving was the wrong decision.

I know that im not going to leave because im a highly motivated individual and give 110% otherwise i could of left basic before finishing it, and i know now that a career in the forces is something that i want to be doing, rather than my dull dead end job.

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I've got another question which i may aswell stick in here. What can i expect to have to do from first walking into the afco and saying i want to join and basic training?

I've looked at the website and its not great.

Any info appreciated.

step 1
Short meeting explaining what the navy is about and what the different jobs are like in the navy.

step 2
Short test: in Maths,English,verbal reasoning and finnaly mechanical comprehension it takes around 30 mins your mark in this test decides what jobs u can apply for. :)

step 3
Interview: just ask's you about ur childhood what ur motives are for joining th navy and stuff about ur chosen job in the navy. :)

step 4
medical: self explanatory really. :)

step 5
Pre joining fitness test: just a 2.4k run on a treadmill at a local fitness center i dont know how old u are but there is a certain time u will need to finnish in there are different time's depending on age. :)

step 6
the waiting game :p i applied in may and am joining in 2 weeks :D the waiting list are different for each job ur afco should be able to tell u the waiting time's for each job. :w00t:

good luck with it
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First visit take with you your red folder/discharge paperwork, last payslip (If you still have it). Th AFCO staff will get you to sign a form to release your previous Medical/Service records. You complete the Application form (AFCO 4). Afco hopefully receive back your pervious paperwork and also ask for permission to proceed with your application. If we get permission to proceed, you would then sit the RT test (Apptitude test), then an interview, followed by a medical. Providing you pass the medical you will then be required to do your Pre joining fitness test - 1.5 miles run on a tread mill in about 12:20 if under 25. During this time we will have sent away for security clearance and received a couple of references for you. Once all this is done successfully, we then bid for permission for you to enter, and we hopefully get approval and a date to join. Depending on the job you go for selection will take somewhere between 3 to 6 months (Approx).

Think that just about covers it, you will be briefed at each step of the process by your careers advisor (CA).

Hope everything works out


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should be i think they are closing for the christmas period and will open again on the 5th of jan maybe so u best get in there tomoz to get the ball rolling :p
good luck
Had my sleep and im up, I dont suppose anyone knows the time scales for AET? and i was also thinking Engineering Tech(Marine Engineering)?

replies greatly appreciated.

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