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Basic training

Has basic training become soft?

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  • I wouldn't know but I hope it hasn't

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  • Too many laws go against how a trainee is treated

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  • other, please state.

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I joined the regulars in 1987, and I tell you it was a short, sharp shock alright! I was in Anson 40 (we had to polish the black edges on the stairs to the block) and our divisional PO was a right B! Told us all to ditch girlfriends back at home, and frowned big time on going to church on sunday. We weren't allowed to leave the block unless for training or with the express pernission of the divisional staff.

I remember him taking us all out for a "motivation run" in brand new boots and the thick blue pussers overalls. About half the class were binned through injury in the first 3 weeks, and most of the rest were ready to top themselves! I actually bust my knee on one of the Mot runs, and was accused of pulling a stunt and was PVR'd :cry: . We had an ex-booty who bust his back as well.

Joined the RNR in 96, and dreaded going back to Raleigh for basic. I did OK in the end, and a load of demons were chased away, but couldn't believe the crap the new recruits got away with then. Now when I go to Raleigh, it's like visiting a sea cadet camp :roll: The amount of backchat you hear and the staff can't do bog all about it without being reported.
ah... we could have passed each other on the motivational runs! I was instructing at Raleigh a couple of years ago and yes things have changed. But I was in a division with older instructors (I was the sprog) and a good DO SUY and a female WO who scared the shit out of all of us. And I can tell you we took no back chat and were supported by our DO's in whatever we did. We basically tried to replicate what we went through when we were part 1. Like I mentioned before if you have the right instructors and DO's in place Phase 1 training is tough. But it the Instructors who want to be everyones friend that has made it easy NOT the actual training.
ali_p said:
I was 16 in '75

I was 12 in '75. I remember the RN Recruiting lot visiting my school and us all having, without any notice, to assemble in the Hall for a naval indoctrination session. An hour of boring slides depicting a shabby barracks where, we were told, we'd spend 6 months training if we joined when we were a little bit older. Did they really think pictures of barracks with white paint peeling off the outside walls and beds within that looked like something from the 1920s would entice anyone? Bad move! Afterwards about half-a-dozen innocents went forward for more information. I wasn't one of them! :lol:

I am never quite sure why they targetted us at 12 when we had another 4 years to go, after all the following year the school leaving age was raised to 16 from 15. Had we all been 14 year olds it would have made good sense - with a more imaginative presentation!

If the RN still does this sort of thing, I hope their talks are a bit more exciting - and NOT slides - a great turn off even in 1975! I still harbour a suspicion that these matelots were really peace activists in sailors uniforms doing a presentation designed to put as many of us off as possible. If so, they suceeded. Peace Activists 1 - RN 0.

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