Basic Training nerves

I am new on here but enjoy readign the threads.
I am hoping to apply for the Navy as AET (I need to lose a bit of weight first)
I applied 5 years ago butwas turned down after my medical because of my weight I ended up losing 5 stone and joined the RAF but was medically discharged in y basic training.
Anyway i see a lot of people putting they are nervous about it.
There is no need to be nervous at all, all you are doing is training your NCO's are there to help you, they do sometimes make you feel that what yu do is not good enough that is just because they want you to improve and work hard all the time.
Just think in what other careers or job training do you get PAID to learn how to handle and fire weapons?
Complete obstacle courses and work on being the fittest you hve ever been. Yeah there is rubbish parts lik maintaing kit and cleaning but this becomes habit after a few days, and if you do fail anything you get to do it again.
Just there with the attitude of yeah i'm gonna do this and this is my job and its only just started, i was devastated to be medically discharged and hav had to wait 3 years to finally be able to re apply, i'm 27 now and earn about £20000 a year sitting behind a desk working 12 hour day and nigh shifts but still wanna join the Navy even though i'll have a wage drop because i know it is what i wanna do. Travel the world, meet different people, work on different equipment and know everday will be different.
sorry for te long post i hope this will ease some minds

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