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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stimps, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Just had my pre entry brief yesterday. Was told that in the last week it has been extended from 9 weeks to 10. does anyone know why it's been extended? is there anything extra added on to the schedule?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There was rumour it was being extended but I haven't seen anything official on this yet. Maybe your AFCO has heard something that I've missed.

    Possibly Supermario can confirm either way.
  3. He had someone down who had just finished his basic training, the careers advisor didn't know about it though
  4. Pished this early in the day? I'm impressed :lol:
  5. No look at his location :p
  6. The 1.5m run. Wow that has stirred a few potential recruits heartstrings on here hasn't it!!! What the hell are schools doing with regards to PT these days or do they adopt the "there are no losers, only winners" in this world!! Sorry to burst your bubbles folks but the distance is fcuk all and anyone with a modicum of fitness should complete it in the alloted time. And as for the bone questions.............N.S, Supermario et al have to be the most patient people on this planet as i COULD NOT listen to some of the utter bollocks that they have to reply to from some of you who can't make a decision or use a bit of common dog!!

    This is an UNOFFICIAL RN/RM site therefore i am entitled to my opinion and i say that using a bit of common dog is the way forwards instead of posting such utter utter crap!!

    Edited to beer is also getting cold and i get married in 2 weeks so if you don't like it PM me and we'll meet for a fcuking punch-up!! :evil:
  7. Or wikisapakkamonghound!!
  8. Thickuspigshitmutt.

  9. I think that they give you the extra week to learn how to breathe unaided.

    This is a major step in the development of sprog sailors, actually having a slight bit of responsibility to actually be able to breathe without the say-so of the course instructor.

    The way that this is going, all the nods will be Fleet Chiefs within a year of joining. !!!!!
  10. I don't think they'll be Fleet Chiefs within 32 years to be honest.

    Not without a Tardis turning up anyhow.
  11. If this happens to be true, is it because the RN believe it would be needed to extend a module of basic training, or give recruits more time to complete the course?
  12. It's because it takes a week to answer bone fcuking questions :evil:
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In which case, I'd tend to ignore 'Rumour Control' & take it that it's still 9 weeks until officially announced.

    Unless my age-weary brain is letting me down (entirely possible), I'm sure when I joined (Feb 81), that Phase One was only 6 weeks long - maybe it just felt like 6 weeks because it was so much fun & far easier back then. (I even remember taking my mattress out for a spot of fresh air to the fire-school & back at 03:00 as we were at a bit of a loose-end & needed something to do for a giggle).

    More recently Phase One training was 8 weeks, but the New Entry week was taken out & recruits went straight into training, without the "Tree Huggy" beginning. (That is what is now done on an RN Preparation Course for far less cost) Even more recently it increased to 9 weeks to include more "field exercise" training. ("Soldiering Skills?")

    By contrast the Royal Marines Commandos & Band, undergo 15 weeks phase one training, the Army complete 14 weeks basic, the RAF do 10 & the US Army do 15 weeks.

    Arguably we could say that every service interprets what actually constitutes "Basic Training" differently or that we're so bright & our trainers so good that it takes less time to train us, or maybe our sea survival bit should be tacked-on to phase one before we undergo our trade training.

    What may surprise some (but probably not many), is the most common gripe coming from those completing phase one training, is that they feel it was nowhere near strict or tough enough. funnily enough, whilst they are actually undergoing phase one, the feedback indicates that it is a huge physically & mentally demanding challenge. Hmmn, surely the newly fledged matelots aren't 'seeing off' their oppos that follow on behind? :wink:
  14. The ''Tree Huggy'' beginning lasted 2 days at New Entry block Raleigh circa '67.....then you signed on :)
  15. I join Raleigh on the 19th July as a Diver, im aware my basic training will be over the summer leave period. I take it we will go for home for this?


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