Basic training kit

I have all my kit ready for my intake In a few weeks except one item: a white permanent marker. any one have any guidance on getting the correct one?


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Can get them on amazon mate. Get a few of them if i was you they run out quick and people seem to get sticky hands around them. Also try Ryman if you have one near you. Sometimes referred to as paint pens i think.


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I've often heard tell of this legendary white permanent marker & am curious...

Is it on your kitlist, provided by the AFCO?

If not, from whence does this requirement spring? (The AFCO joining letter kitlist is produced by HMS Raleigh).
The silver sharpie looks white when you write on dark coloured clothes, I know it's ok because my lad only passed out of Raleigh in October.
They don't care what you use as long as it marks your black socks etc, but as I said the other ones wash out so you need to keep remarking but not the sharpie.
Good luck Flinty.
Hey dude I just went on Amazon and typed in white laundy pen and bought one for pennies, just make sure ti read the description and make sure it says "marks fabric"

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