Basic Training kit list

I have recived my date for my basic training but have not yet recived the letter with the kits list.
i am on a low budget at the moment due to my hours getting cut down at work and was wondering if someone could post a list of the kit you need to bring so i could start getting it now


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You get your kit list on your PRNC.
I wouldn't worry about the cost of everything, most of it you'll have already and anything you have to buy won't break the bank.

*source: personal experience*
Is there a kit list for the PRNC itself? I have one for Raleigh etc, but not one for the PRNC as such??

I have tried to search in the box, but the site keeps crashing each time I try?
Just re-read all my paperwork and the PRNC documents should have had an "enclosure 3", which was the kit list. This was missing.

Have now contacted the office to mail me one.. All sorted.
I already asked but they said should get sent in a couple of weeks but dont have alot of money so i want to start getting some stuff now


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kosta, don't stress about this, put some money to one side each payday, then when the kit list comes you will be in a good position.

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