Basic Training in 1985

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by dubrifirkin, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Alright,

    I passed Royal Marines basic training in 1985 and I'm researching the training of the time for a possible article. For the life of me can't remember the full chronological order of things covered, especially the Commando Phase. I can remember most and have researched what's going on nowadays, but can see it has altered.

    If anyone can help, or knows of a link etc, I would be very grateful.


  2. Try HERE. It shows it all, but not sure if you wanted a more detailed version.

    Hope it helps, and goodluck with the article. Look forward to reading it.
  3. Cheers,

    I have seen this, but its the new 32 week format. I was looking for the old 30 week one. I know the infos out there somewhere.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I went through basic in 1985

    Do you want a complete week by week breakdown or just cdo course?
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Best I can come up with is the common recruit sylalabus adopted in 1986, dont think it's much different from '85

    week 1. Join CTC/attestation/Husbandry/admin/medical/PT/PSO interview/issue stores and kit/EX first Step

    week 2. lec,sgeneral/medical/pay/PT swimming/clothing.X rays and Audio

    week 3. Drill & Husbandry/PT swimming/Lec's general/weapon trg Rifle/RT

    week 4. Weapon trg Rifle/PT swimming/RT/1st Aid/EX twosome

    week 5. Drill/pt/!st Aid/swimming/Lec's general/Map reading/weapon trg Rifle/RT/Signals

    week 6. Pt & swimming/1st Aid/Srill/Trg Tests rifle/ intro shoot and grouping/Lecs general/map reading

    week 7 Rifle Grouping/ zeroing/elementry application of fire/night shoot/PT & swimming/Drill/ 1st aid/map reading/signals

    week 8.Drill/ Kit muster/rounds/ EX Hunters Moon/Lec Corps history

    week 9. Pt and swimming/map reading/Namet/Corps history

    week 10. NBC/rifle shooting/drill/pt/signals/survival/religion

    week 11. Drill/mil knowledge test/EX Omega man/Dart venture/Ryders delight.

    week 12. Wpn trg LSW/SMG/GPMG/drill/PT and swimming/medical/clothing

    week 13. Ex Baptist Run/Rifle PWT

    week 14. Drill/Mil Knowledge test/Pt/R&I trg/map reading

    week 15GPMG intro shoot/namet/pt/drill/parents day/LWL

    week 16. Change Coy's/PT/Lec's Tactics/shooting Rifle/LSW/GPMG

    week 17 signals/PT/Lec's patrolling/practical ptrolling/Wpn Trg 66mm

    week 18. PT/clothing/PSO drafting/Lec's CRO/corps history/signals/tactics/map reading/LEC/Demo ops

    week 19 EX Silent night

    week 20. PT/Gren lessons & throwing/wpn trg 84mm & shooting sub cal/signals/speed march

    week 21. lec & practical tactics/speed march/wpn trg66mm/FFX 1

    week 22. Lec & practical tactics FFX 2

    week 23 kit muster/NBC/tactics/clothing/Corps history/BFT pass out/LWL

    week 24. Lec's AE's/EX Holdfast/RT/NBC

    week 25. PT & swimming/speed march/endurance course/Helo Drills/tactics/unarmed combat/drill/signals

    week 26. Bullet pen demo/Bayonet fighting/PT/Endurance course/Lec. practicalclimbing/NI Navex/Lec. FIBUA/clothing/swimming

    week 27. visit corps museum/HMS Victory, SB Aquaint/TT Coy Aquaint/Amph Op's instructions/EX Seasting/Nightmare

    week 28 Ex Nightmare/PT/Endurance course/drill/speedmarch/clothing

    week 29 Tarzan cse passout/30 miler/Lec's pay and security; promotion; current affairs/medical/Drill/unarmed combat

    week 30 Kings squad/admin

    You will have to edit for capitals etc when you cut and paste this because I've had to type it out, you owe me a fecking big beer!

    do you need info on cdo tests/timings etc?
  6. Wet Blobby,

    Your a Diamond. That's jogged my memory big time. Will post article next month and hopefully it should be funny. Beastings, shoot to kill and all that stuff.
  7. WB, that's very impressive. I find it hard to recall what I did in 2005! Good effort
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I cant take credit lads, I copied it out of a's called research
  9. WB,

    thanks also.

    got to week 27 in 1990, before i wrapped and i have been looking for that breakdown to.

    FFX2 brought back some memories.

    yours aye

  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    week 27 and wrapped? jeez man you were "nearly there" what went wrong?
  11. i failed final ex, was backtrooped, and me face didnt fit.

    gutted, to say the least.

    yours aye


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