Basic training for reservists


I know that reservists are required to attend HMS Raleigh for 2 weeks basic training rather than 10 weeks like the regulars. What will this training involve, is it a bit of everything from the 10 week course or selected things that can only be done here?

I understand I will also do two weekends of military and marine training before basic, do these and training nights with the unit effectively make up the remaining 8 weeks of "regular" training?

Thank you, just counting the days to interview now, eye test tomorrow!
BS, you have got it in one, the "in unit training" be it at drill nights, or, as some units do it, more concentrated "local in unit training weekends", together with the 2 mandatory weekends make up the delta between the the 10 week course and the 2 week confirmatory course that reservists do.
It is, what it says on the tin, a conformatory course, to bring together all that you have done previously, and, utilising the unique facilities at RAL, weave your skills together with a concentrated 2 weeks.
It's no picnic, but with the right attitude, (not least getting fit BEFORE you go) you should achieve a creditable pass.

Good luck with the eye test.


Thanks for that. I am really looking forward to starting the training.

Yes, been working on the fitness for a while now, however I am hoping my PJFT isn't too soon after Christmas!
Fitness is not solely about running 1.5 miles. Whilst that particular bit at both PJFT and RNFT at RAL are pass or fail, the "hidden" test is your overall stamina. At RAL you will be on the go from before dawn 'til after dusk, running, marching and on your feet. Anything to prepare yourself for this will bode dividends. Stamina, STAMINA.
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