Basic training + Diver training


Hey i'm due to go down to Raleigh in January for my 8 week training. Could anyone shed some light on what sort of things you do during that 8weeks? Also after basic I am starting proffessional training ( Diver) and want to know more about the aptitude course and 20 week course. Look forward to all your comments.

Kind regards :)
Hi duggers, my son is just about to start week 6 at Raleigh. The link will take you to the mod site and it details what happens in each week of training. We have found it quite accurate and there is also a recruits diary which tells you pretty much the same but from a recruits perspective. From our point of view its been week 4 and week 5 that have been the hardest with having to pass the military drill and then having to pass the kit muster - alot of movement between classes with these two - quite a few getting back classed. My advice is to go in as fit as possible (but if you are going to be a diver you probably already are) and get your head around handwashing, ironing, folding to A4, and alot of attention to detail with the kit. That said he is really enjoying it - even got used to the 5.30 starts eventually! Can't help you with any diver training questions I'm afraid but if you want to know anymore about basic then just let me know and I will do my best.