Basic Training - Can we pick your brains please


We are doing our basic training at the moment and in week 8 we have to give a 10 min spill on a subject about the RN, our group have chosen to do
the history of basic training[/b]

but of course we have it all pink and fluffy so we have know idea what it used to be like.

We would like to here your storys and FACTS about training through the years. These may be used for the spill.

If u could include dates and places that would be great, as much info as u can even some links to some pics.

Cheers for your help. We will let you know how we get on. We have a few weeks to work on it.

Thanks again cornwall 31s
You may want to browse a few of the other threads in this forum; you may find a few of them useful, especially if you need to narrow down the subject.

Also try the HMS GANGES Association HERE

Good luck!
You might find reading the Ganges threads on this site HERE interesting and for a detailed personal account of initial training at Ganges in 1963 THIS LINK particularly useful. The latter might suitably horrify your classmates! :wink: :lol: