Hello Dearies,

Yet another crab seeing the light and crossing to the dark blue....

I am due to attend the basic sea survival course at Portsmouth - what does this entail exactly? I trust I wont need to get wet or set on fire. I dont want my mascara to run!

You will spend most of the week wet, unlikely to be set on fire unless you really ferk it up. Oh and you will be getting gassed to. Great fun, you will enjoy every minute!
You are gonna tell me you don't miss the soot and stink of the diesel fires at Horsea Island next and then we will really start to wonder.

At least the jumping off stage at the lake no longer looks like it is about to disintegrate beneath you!
Well, at least THEY were realistic!
Unlike the Creature Comfort TV Set they use today ;)

I got set alight once during an ISSC by some git the other side of a closed door with his ladle of burny stuff.
I was Attack Party (Ovvies and AntiFlash), ran up to the top and down the first ladder to the closed door where upon this nob threw his ladle full at the door base. Went straight through and all over me!
Next thing the Chief of the unit was dragging me backwards out of the safety doors :D
Cheeky twat thought I might want to go and sit down too! Bloody nerve!
rosinacarley said:
phil1972 said:
Do you trap a new one each time you have to get back in date Rosie?
Only done it the once, and hope never to have to do it again.
WE used to do it in the RNXS... I couldn't manhandle someone into the rubbery life capsule thingy again. Do they still make you jump off the diving board at great hight (over 10ft!!!) in ovvies with your lifejacket on, arm across chest holding onto the lifejacket and pinching your nose with the other hand, or have times changed (making one jump off the diving board at great hight is just plain cruel when you're scared of hights!)
A_a_C you wuss!! That is all part of the fun. The only down side if you only get to do it again every 3 years. Certaining beats doing a proper job.

Doing BSSC at this time of year is a doddle as at least you don't have to break through the ice on the lake!

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